8 Reasons Why Your Website Is Scaring Customers Away

TMO GroupJuly 21, 2015
8 Reasons Why Your Website Is Scaring Customers Away

Ever wondered if your website is scaring your customers away? In the former days a customer remained on a website until he or she received the information they were looking for. Owing to the digital age now everyone has unlimited options and very less time. So if you are not giving them what they want at one glance and further committing the following mistakes;You are pushing away good leads yourself. Today we'll talk about 8 reasons why your website is scaring customers away.

1. Pop Ups , Pop Ups Everywhere, Not Even A Little Space To See

Is your website full of popups trying to lure customers into various offers or to subscribe to your newsletter? This makes your website very suffocating to look at. You are blocking people who came to see your products. Moreover ideally only three popups should be there on a website. One for subscription, one for contact and a final exit intent pop up for any offers you’d like to make.


2. Mobile Unresponsive

Everyone these days owns a smart phone. Gone are the days when people carried laptops everywhere or sat on their desktops. People use their smartphones for everything be it banking or shopping. So if your website is not mobile responsive, you are losing away more than half of your clientele. See more for responsive website design.

3. No Call to Action Tabs

People shouldn’t be coming to your website and be thinking now what! Your website should provide them with clear CTAs to guide them with their journey of buying. Your website should be self- explanatory. Don’t we all love things that do not require a manual to be understood?

4. Cluttered Like Your Almirah


Does your website have too many pictures,  small fonts, large paragraphs? If yes then you are deviating the mind of a person from buying products to the meaningless details. Someone who has come with an intent of buying will be overwhelmed by the overflowing data on your website. Your website home page should be very simple and precise. As they say keep it simple.

5. Too Flashy Colors

Please make sure your website does not resembles the costumes of Govinda from some 90’s movie. None coloring, dark background, indecipherable text color will surely not help your customers. There is a psychology behind using colors and also psychology of design that should be kept in mind. Your website should not startle your customer. Let your products speak for attention. Keep it pleasant for people to see your website.


6. Making Your Customers Feel Dumb

You can only sell someone something if you make your customers feel empowered. Making them feel like a fool is the biggest mistake you can commit. Using jargons, overly creative headlines, metaphors for your clients can make them feel fed up. Keep it simple for them because they have come on your website to purchase and not to increase their vocabulary or to act like Sherlock Holmes.

7. Zero Social Media Presence

These days the first thing that people do to check authenticity of a website is to look for the social media presence of the website. Everyone is brand conscious, they want to see how your brand presence is. Always provide your social media links at your website and make sure you keep all social media pages updated. This will increase the faith people have in your website.

8. Complicated Forms

Don't you hate it when they ask you for a smaller case alphabet, an uppercase, number, special character, etc just for one password? Everyone hates too many conditions. So make sure your subscription box or contact us form does not become an interview. Ask for bare minimum. The simpler it is, the more will people try to use it.

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