How Will Social Media Influence China Online Shoppers?

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Social media has begun to replace a lot of activities that used to take place on other parts of the Internet. It seems that one of the greatest areas impacted is the way users shop online. The power of social networking sites in China has caused changes into the online marketing strategies.

People believe their peers on social media more than ever before. The biggest influencer for holiday shopping was recommendations from friends and family on social media, with 68 percent of survey participants ranking at the top. 63 percent were influenced by Amazon reviews, and 24 percent were swayed by blogger endorsement. Traditional media and celebrity endorsements filled out the bottom three on the list.

Of those surveyed in 2014, 51 percent of mainland Chinese respondents said social media was relevant to their life, and 31 percent said it was “completely relevant to my life.” In Hong Kong, 48 percent of respondents said social media was relevant to their lives, and 13 percent said it was completely relevant to their lives. As for social media’s influence on luxury buying, social media networks were the second most influential source of luxury information for mainland Chinese and the third most influential for Hong Kong consumers.

Because of China’s internet firewall, the social media networks that the consumers from China and Hong Kong use are different as well. In mainland China, the top two networks are WeChat and Weibo, whereas in Hong Kong, the top two social networks are Facebook and Instagram.


This infographic from Global Web Index’s GWI Commerce report captures the potential for social commerce among users of global social media platforms who are already frequent online shoppers. Among leading social media platforms, Sina Weibo users were the highest adopters of eCommerce with 82% having shopped online within the prior month, which is well ahead of Twitter (72%) and Facebook (69%).

Above all, social media mixed with eCommerce is everywhere. These days everything is social. The power of social media has been increasing online shopping because a big deal of purchases come after the customer educated himself on social media. Therefore, not only Social media do not simply help your eCommerce in China, they are vital for the success of your e-business in this country.

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