5 Vital Features your WeChat eCommerce Needs in 2016

TMO GroupJanuary 4, 2016
5 Vital Features your WeChat eCommerce Needs in 2016

The competition in WeChat eCommerce will definitely be tougher in 2016, since nearly every business in China are eyeing on this promising land. For one business, just opening up its WeChat store is far from enough: WeChat eCommerce need those vital features to stand out from the other competitions.

Previously, we have introduced Magento 2 (currently known as Adobe Commerce), which we regarded as the best enterprise solution for your multi-channel business (Further read: WeChat E-commerce Platform: The Good, the Bad and the Solution). To follow up with the previous article, today TMO Group will walk you through the 5 vital features that your eCommerce need to win this WeChat eCommerce battle:


1. Simple Social login

0104image.002-001 (1)

The new one-click login function will offer more convenience for customers. As shown above (Image 1.1), there is no need for users to type in their login information any more. Instead, one can just simply click “To sign in with WeChat (or other social media)” to log in their account (Image 1.2). Just simple as that.


 2. Full QR code Utilization


Will the login process be that simple for desktop users? The answer is yes. Here is another great example:

  • When one customer visits your multi-channel eCommerce on desktop and tries to login, there will be a QR code generated on the screen (Image 2.1).
  • All the customer need is to simply scan the QR code via WeChat, and confirm to log in on WeChat (image 2.2).
  • After confirmation, the desktop will direct the customer to customer information, meanwhile a WeChat message will be sent to inform success login on another device (image 2.3).


A lot of consumers despite QR code in the West, since it has been over used by businesses who are begging for attention. Quite the contrary, QR code functionality via WeChat is rather impressive in China. WeChat has built-in QR Code reader function, and QR codes provide the best balance of convenience and security to WeChat users.


3. More support to WeChat Pay


Another thing where QR Code has been widely used is payment function. More precisely, one can simply scan the QR code that generated by eCommerce website/WeChat eCommerce and complete the payment.

Suppose the customer is viewing your eCommerce on desktop, the payment process is similar to QR code login: When the customer clicks “place order” (image 3.1), a QR Code will be generated on the screen for WeChat pay (image 3.2). What he/she needs to do next is to scan the QR code via WeChat, confirm the purchase on WeChat (image 3.3), and that will complete the purchase (image 3.4).

How about those phone users? Even easier. When it comes to order placement (image 3.1.1), the eCommerce will direct you to “payment selection” (image 3.1.2). Simply choose WeChat pay, the rest are the same, and the purchase is completed (Image 3.3 – 3.4).

The function is super-handy, because it saves users’ time to remember and type in their password or credit card information through the tiny keyboard; meanwhile it’s safe, since the bar code will only be effective for 60 seconds; if the payment is not completed in 60 seconds, the app will change it to another one automatically, in order to avoid someone taking the code and fraudulently spending the user’s money.


 4. Better communications

wechat msg image.005-001

The WeChat eCommerce system will also communicate better with customers. Whenever a login or purchase is occurred, customers will receive notice via WeChat messages (not text messages). Since all the activities are happening in WeChat system, WeChat messages will help customers keep in track with their orders or account infos.


 5. The beginning of your eCommerce success

So why do you need to adapt WeChat eCommerce by Magento 2.0 anyway?

Because again it will be your enterprise's ultimate solution. We, TMO Group always believe that WeChat eCommerce is currently the most significant channel, and it will be the start of your multi-channel eCommerce success. WeChat commerce represents a new form of eCommerce, and after your adaption to multi-channel eCommerce platform, your business will always be ready.


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