3 Core Issues that Matters to O2O

TMO GroupSeptember 30, 2015
3 Core Issues that Matters to O2O

Recently, China has a lot of "battle" in O2O field such as the competition between Baidu, ele.me and Meituan in takeout service field. Although they seemed get more customers through the high allowance, risks always exist.

We all know that O2O commerce is such a big concept, which can be used almost cover all kinds of services. Even some businesses are getting famous overnight, but most of businesses related to O2O are dead. Today we'll sum up 3 core issues that matters to O2O.

Q1: What stage are you in for O2O retails

At the beg beginning stage, promotion needs money. Actually O2O has its own rules. You need to focus on different points in different stage. First thing is to find a breakthrough in the market and to prove that it is reasonable. Then a good process management is required. Next stage is to get more resource, attract customers eyes. Finally you need to consider the whole industry.

We shouldn't be anxious for success. Now even a small company is able to have their own eCommerce website. But according to statistics, only 10% of whole eCommerce websites can get profit. We must know when we need to focus on speed and when focus on the quality.

Q2: How to judge the practicability

When there is requirement, there is a sale. Some eCommerce solutions seems reasonable, but to be honest most of them are lame. There always be requirements. We need to qualify the practicability in terms of get enough support.

Generally speaking, there are two dimensions to judge whether the project would success. One is the practicability itself. The other one is execution. Sometimes we need to do some experiments or practice rather than just thinking.

Q3: How to improve the success rate of O2O projects

One of the most important issue for entrepreneurs is to find the best business model.

Take an example of a door-to-door service. We need to set the rule of delivery fee and delivery time.

For products, we need to set the SKU. Too much or too few products wouldn't be a good user experience. We also need to hold some promotion activities in terms of attract and develop loyal customers.

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