10 Successful Adobe Commerce / Magento Websites in Southeast Asia

TMO GroupApril 3, 2023
10 Successful Adobe Commerce / Magento Websites in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is a rapidly growing and highly diverse market, with each country often having their own language, consumer habits, payment methods, and many other unique features. Many international or local brands in this region choose to build their eCommerce websites using Adobe Commerce (also known as Magento2 Enterprise Edition). Which is no surprise - Adobe Commerce is one of the market leaders when it comes to eCommerce development. It provides powerful features and tools that can help companies quickly build efficient, scalable, and localized eCommerce platforms.

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In this article we put together a list of 10 remarkable brand eCommerce websites, established with Adobe Commerce (Magento 2), all operating in Southeast Asia (Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Singapore, and Indonesia).

*Monthly traffic data is sourced from SimilarWeb's data from December 2022 to February 2023.

1. Abenson(the Philippines)

Monthly traffic: about 1.04 million.

Abenson is a Philippine-based electronic consumer goods retailer. It developed its online store based on Adobe Commerce.

In terms of omnichannel, it offers Abenson mobile applications on both iOS and Android platforms, where users can enjoy a seamless shopping experience, join membership programs, and participate in promotional activities.

Special features:

  • Localized payment options: GCash, Grabpay, Maya
  • Quick login and registration: via Google and Facebook.
  • Integration with locally popular social media: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Tiktok, Viber
  • Comprehensive shopping cart and order rating functions.
  • Real-time query of order information.
  • Finding offline stores and shopping by region.
  • Multiple online communication channels with sales staff: Viber, Messenger, WhatsApp, email, and phone.

UI/UX Highlights:

  • The multi-level fixed navigation bar provides a clear website structure, making it easy for users to browse key functions.
  • The use of brand colors in element design and module differentiation creates a visually unified and structurally clear website.
  • Product card information is presented clearly, highlighting promotions.
  • Special filter function on mobile devices to optimize the mobile user experience.
  • A "return to top" button for quick access to the top of the page.

2. Bibo Mart (Vietnam)

Monthly traffic: about 490,000.

Bibo Mart is a local Vietnamese brand providing a diverse range of products for mothers (during pregnancy and postpartum) and children (ages 0-6). Bibomart has developed an online store based on Adobe Commerce.

In terms of the omnichannel, in addition to the adaptive mobile browsing experience, Bibo Mart users can also download the mobile application from iOS or Google Play.

Special Features:

  • Local payment method: VNPay QR code
  • Local language: Vietnamese
  • Quick login and registration: Google and Facebook
  • Integration with local social media platforms such as Zalo
  • 30-minute express delivery option and a full-year return policy, support in-store pickup
  • Shopping by region and quick search of 161 offline stores
  • Comprehensive shopping cart and order, rating, and address management functions

UI/UX Highlights:

  • Warm, natural color scheme that appeals to the target audience of mothers.
  • The mega menu on the side clearly displays sub-categories, making it easy for users to find products.
  • The product card structure is concise and highlights the add-to-cart button.
  • A bottom navigation bar is added for mobile devices, improving the cross-device experience.

3. SB Design Square (Thailand)

Monthly traffic: about 260,000.

SB Design Square is a home goods retailer in Thailand that offers a variety of indoor furniture, lighting, carpets, bedding, and decorations. They built their brand website based on Adobe Commerce.

Special Features:

  • Multiple payment methods: credit card, online wallet, interest-free installment payment
  • Support for multiple languages: English and Thai
  • Quick login and registration: Google and Facebook
  • Connect to multiple social media channels: LINE, Pinterest, Facebook, etc. Users can add the brand as a LINE friend.
  • B2B Condo solution section, providing a digital product catalog and download. Customers can preview the effect in a virtual exhibition hall
  • Flash sale promotion section
  • Various forms of online customer service: web customer service, Messenger, Line
  • Support for gift cards, discount codes, user blog posts, and inviting new users.

UI/UX Highlights:

  • The navigation bar is clearly divided into functional categories, and the optimized sticky header enhances the browsing experience.
  • Product cards allow for direct adding to cart and favoriting.
  • The floating promotion entrance on the side emphasizes sales activities.
  • The mobile design uses drawer-style navigation, which can clearly display the product catalog.
  • The checkout page features a countdown timer for promotions, motivating purchases.

4. Urban icon(Indonesia)

Monthly traffic: about 210,000

Urban Icon is a fashion retailer in Indonesia that sells well-known fashion clothing, footwear, handbag, and accessory brands in Indonesia. They have stores in multiple cities in the country and also offer online shopping through their official website.

In terms of omnichannel, in addition to their desktop and mobile official online store, users can also browse products, place orders, and make payments through WhatsApp, which is very popular in Indonesia.

Special Features:

  • Online payment: bank cards and credit cards with installment payments
  • Local language: Indonesian
  • Quick login and registration: Google and Facebook
  • Connected to social media channels: Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube
  • Comprehensive shopping cart, wishlist, and order functions
  • Real-time online customer service based on WhatsApp

UI/UX Features:

  • Visually stylish with a simple layout that caters to the target audience.
  • A special product card comparison feature enhances purchasing experience.
  • Email subscription pop-up helps build a broad customer base.
  • Fixed customer service entrance ensures convenience for users.

5. Dyson(Vietnam)

Monthly traffic: about 170,000.

Dyson, a UK-based technology company, is dedicated to household appliances. They have established their own official e-commerce platform on Adobe Commerce in multiple countries, including Vietnam.

Special Features:

  • Interest-free credit card installment payments
  • Local language: Vietnamese
  • Product search function
  • Stunning videos showcasing product performance
  • Convenient switching to multiple languages and countries

UI/UX Highlights:

  • Clean and concise navigation bar design, highlighting key pages.
  • Use of impactful video elements, such as full-screen product showcases on the homepage.
  • Product comparison page utilizes a clear and concise layout with a combination of text and images, highlighting the 'buy' call-to-action.
  • Offline store introduction page integrates online and offline shopping experiences.

6. Fossil(Indonesia)

Monthly traffic: about 120,000

Fossil is a fashion watch and accessory brand originating from the United States. Fossil has built online stores on multiple sites globally, including in North America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region. The Indonesia site is based on Adobe Commerce, which has comprehensive shopping cart and order functions, and users can quickly log in through Google and Facebook, search for offline stores through the website, and consult online through WhatsApp. On the product listing page, users can easily sort products by popularity, price, discount, etc.

Various marketing activities promote sales conversion rates and user retention, such as subscription pop-ups, discount pop-ups, and promotional banners fixed under the menu. The website also provides a detailed introduction to Fossil's loyalty program, encouraging users to become long-term consumers.

7. Pupsik Studio(Singapore)

Monthly traffic: about 80,000

Pupsik Studio is a Singaporean brand that specializes in baby products and services to families. They have developed an online store based on Adobe Commerce.

Pupsik Studio's online store has comprehensive user account features, including wishlists, address management, store credit, gift cards, reward points, review management, user invitations, and social account linking. In addition to credit card payments, the website also supports online payments through Paypal, which is commonly used in Singapore. They offer next-day delivery or same-day self-pickup.

The store has clear product categories in the menu and promotional markings (including seasonal promotion banners on the checkout page), while also reminding users of the expiration date of their reward points next to the shopping cart, which stimulates consumption.

8. WOWSHOP(Malaysia)

Monthly traffic: about 70,000

Wowshop is an online shopping platform in Malaysia that offers a variety of products and services, including beauty, health, home, electronics, and other goods. It was developed using Adobe Commerce. It includes Malay and English language options and supports local payment methods such as Boost, GrabPay, and Touch 'n Go, as well as local logistics providers such as POS and J&T Express.

The homepage features popular TV shopping promotions, showcasing products that are currently being sold live, as well as highlighting the best-selling products, which is a unique feature.

9. Innisfree(Malaysia)

Monthly traffic: about 50,000

Innisfree is a Korean cosmetics brand that specializes in naturalistic makeup products. Innisfree has established online stores in multiple countries around the world, including Korea, China, and the United States. In Malaysia, Innisfree has an online store developed using Adobe Commerce, which provides a comprehensive account, shopping bag, wishlist, and order functions.

The online store focuses on promoting its reward point program, which offers exclusive discounts and gifts to encourage customers to purchase and cultivate loyalty. A banner fixed at the top of the page encourages users to register for an account and enjoy discounts. There is also a section that lists information on promotions, bundles, holiday specials, and other activities.

10. Banner Shop(Malaysia)

Monthly traffic: about 10,000

Bannershop is a digital printing company based in Malaysia. It has developed its Malaysia and Australia websites using Adobe Commerce, and its group brands have also entered the Hong Kong region of China, providing services to well-known companies such as Pizza Hut, HSBC, and Levi's.

Bannershop's official website provides convenient services for B2B enterprise users. Enterprise customers can register for corporate accounts to enjoy bulk discounts, key account services, and other services. Enterprises can browse and inquire about a range of services from customized design to production and installation. Users can also register to be authorized Bannershop dealers on the website. The website provides a detailed product catalog and service descriptions, and users can contact customer service via WhatsApp.

We hope this article has been helpful to you. TMO is an Adobe-certified solution partner, providing professional Adobe Commerce (Magento) implementation services with rich experience in local projects. If you have e-commerce platform development needs or want to learn about our services, please feel free to contact us!

Our successful cases include:

  • Feidekai: Custom B2B2C “new retail” eCommerce platform
  • Henry Schein: B2B eCommerce platform for the world’s largest distributor of dental equipment and supplies.
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