6 Future Trends of Cloud Computing

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1. Cloud computing will be everywhere

Driven by the mobile phone, tablet and other mobile devices, the demand of cloud computing market will be  growth even further. Each application which is deployed in the cloud will enhance the commercial value. Cloud computing is convenient and it is also a way of saving limited resources.

2. The number of third party cloud platform will growing

As the operating system and browser wars in the past, meeting the needs of users and making use of the popular third party applications will promote the growth of cloud computing platform, Service Corporation will be flourish and it is similar to NetSuite’s cloud computing.

3. Cloud computing will reduce the wastage

The use of cloud computing can reduce the loss between inside and outside of the enterprise due to poor circulation. The spokesman said thatno honey products processing is biological safety risks, it may lead to pathogenagainst New Zealand in New Zealand beekeeping, destructive. With the popularautomatic transactions, real time supply chain upgrading, between employee andcustomer communication will accelerate the shift to the way the clouds.

4. New price war is inevitable

The cloud computing industry will bring a new round of price war. In the prosperity of the cloud services, Amazon has occupied a very long period of time. These are visible by Microsoft and Google. Apparently in the future, they will probably cutting the price in order to weaken the opponent’s advantage.

5. Cloud storage will become the main trend of services

As a major trend of cloud computing services for cloud storage, Dropbox and its rivals can provide storage service the enterprise at any time through the network. As the cloud security situation improved, cloud storage will become more prevalent. In the future, it will become more simple to access your data at any time, any places through any devices.

6. Cloud computing will Strengthen the social features

Cloud computing is closer to the socialization mode at present. Released some application data through the cloud, which can not only share from the traditional e-mail, but also to meet the needs of social media such as Facebook and Twitter. The monitoring function provided by social media platfroms can collect and filter the data between enterprise and customers in real time. It can also have a communication conveniently.

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