How to Build a Better Landing Page For Your eCommerce website

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When you get your eCommerce website online, you must be concern about its effects. Your lead generation campaigns have many elements to them. There’s the keyword research that you have to do up front to decide where to focus your campaign. A focused campaign will allow you to target your prospect and also measure the effectiveness of your campaign.

Your campaign also needs content to attract your prospects. Content can be a blog post, a video, or a slide show .

Once you’ve attracted your prospect with your keywords and c your content, you need to move them to act with a call to action.  A call to action is anything that gets a person to click and move forward in the funnel.  Most calls to action offer something to the user.

The most important part of your lead generation campaign to your eCommerce website is the landing page.

The landing page is where you get your user to perform your conversion action.  Often that action is to fill out a form with contact information in exchange for a download of some valuable information.   The perfect landing page is one that turns visitors into leads.

How do you build the perfect landing page?  Take a look at our infographic that shows you the 10, I mean 11 key points to success. These tips well get you landing page nirvana.

1.Use your brand’s colors and logo at the top of the eCommerce website landing page to reinforce your branding.

2.No navigation! You got them to the landing page, now get the conversion. Don’t distract from the goal.

3.Your headline must be a clear benefit for your visitor. Don’t get the cute, bring the hear with a killer benefit.

4.Reinforce the benefits and what your promised in your call to action.

5.Use an image of what you have promised the user. Seeing a picture of it makes it real.

6.Bullets of benefits. Not features, benefits. What does the user get when they give up their data.

7.Another place fir the user benefit. Are you sensing a theme here?

8.Unless you are only asking for email address, you have too many fields. Every field added to the form reduces conversion by 5% or more.

9.Don’t use “submit” on your button. Use a benefit. Your conversions will increase.

10.Don’t use symbols of trust:relevant organization memberships, testimonials, awards, “as seen on”.

11.Test Everything!

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