Entering 2022, as the first month after the Double 11 and Double 12 promotions, the overall performance of the health supplement market in January inevitably experienced a certain decline. However, early February coincided with the Chinese New Year, and many young people who returned to their hometown to celebrate the New Year chose to buy some health products for their parents and relatives as Spring Festival gifts. So, which categories and products were the most popular? If you want to know the market details, come and download our monthly data report for January 2022!

January 2022 highlights

  • BYHEALTH’s liver protection tablet was the sales champion in the first month of 2022, with its sales revenue and sales volume far ahead of the second. The product is rich in milk thistle extract which is effective in supporting the liver health. Its boost in sales is in line with the trend of more and more young people in China working overtime and staying up late. The market share of the sub-category of digestive supplements, to which thistle products belong, increased significantly in January as a whole. In addition to BYHEALTH, Swisse’s liver detox sells well all year around.

  • From brand perspective, the US brand Reaps suddenly emerged last December, occupying three seats on the list of best-selling products, and it continued to be in great demand in January, with its two main products stayed among top 5. At the same time, Esmond, which also performed well in December, became the runner-up in brand sales in January. In addition, the brand Snowson showed its market potential, with its Nad+ and collagen products being the top two of its category in January sales.

  • Omega-3 fatty acids are important for maintaining cardiovascular health, with fish oil products being one of the best-selling health supplements. Judging from the sub-category sales in January, krill oil, which is an “advanced version of fish oil”, occupies three of the top five best-selling products list. It shows that Chinese consumers are becoming more sophisticated and demanding. They are willing to spend more money to buy omega-3 products of high quality and purity for themselves and their elderly families.

  • Sleep management supplements is a new sub-category in January. Poor sleep quality is indeed a problem that many people urgently need to solve nowadays, and it has greatly boosted the sales of melatonin in China’s market. Meanwhile, GABA, another scientifically proven effective ingredient for promoting sleep, has been known and chosen by more and more consumers in recent years because it has fewer side effects than melatonin.

This data pack includes:

  • Analysis of the month’s trends and biggest winners
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  • Best-selling product characteristics
  • Detailed sub-category market information (* Premium version only)

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Who are these data packs intended for?

These data packs are designed to assist researchers, data analysts, product development professionals, business decision makers, and anyone involved in strategic planning at overseas health supplements companies, or entities and individuals interested in this area. By keeping up with each month’s shifts in sales and consumer behavior, such experts can get a more firm grip on the trends and shifting attitudes in China’s growing and increasingly competitive health supplements market.

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