Previously, health supplement was a difficult industry to enter from abroad. However, in recent years, the supervision of health supplements imported through cross-border eCommerce is not as strict as that of the domestic ones, and the market entry through CBEC has the advantages of quicker process, lower cost in terms of taxation and fast logistics services. For many overseas brands, these advantages provide convenient conditions for entering the China market.

2022 Latest Update

In 2020, TMO launched the first version of “China Health & Food Supplements Industry Report”, presenting overseas brands with a handy guide to China, its consumers, and the state and future of its health supplements market. With the improvement of the health literacy level of Chinese residents year by year, and the influence of the epidemic, the public has paid more attention to personal health. Therefore, in 2022, we’ve decided to thoroughly upgrade the report. Apart from the comprehensive data update, we’ve also enriched the content and added the following chapters:

  • The Chinese Consumer: We conducted in-depth research on the consumes of health supplements in China and divided them into three main groups: the elderly, young & middle-aged women and Gen Z. For each group, the aspects of consumer needs, information & purchase channels and consumption trends are covered in detail.
  • Health Supplements Regulations: For overseas brands, it is a must to learn about the industry-related codes and regulations before entering the China health supplement market. This chapter lists milestone events or laws in China’s health supplement industry in recent years for your reference.

In addition, a new section focusing on overseas health supplements market is added, the data from Alibaba platforms giving you an overview of what happened in 2021’s health supplement e-commerce market. We also expanded the part of leading cross-border online marketplaces with details of store setup, fees and logistics.

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What Will You Find in This 2022 Industry Report?

Over its 90 pages, this report provides a comprehensive look at the China health supplements market, analysis on the best ways to sell in China, the latest trends and forecasts for the future, and an example roadmap to entering the China market.
  • Market size and potential: including information from up-to-date sources, research agencies, and first-hand research on leading platforms such as Alibaba’s Taobao
  • A look at the competitive environment: examining brand dominance in the market as whole and the four market segments individually (VMS, weight management and wellbeing, sports nutrition, herbal/traditional products)
  • Details on the best-performing sales channels: from traditional channels like supermarkets and pharmacies to modern online channels, and direct selling which mixes both
  • Introduction to the leading cross-border marketplaces: four major online marketplaces: Tmall Global, JD Worldwide, Kaola and Xiaohongshu are introduced with platform details attached in the appendix
  • Detailed breakdowns on Chinese health supplement consumers: covering three main consumer groups: the elderly, young & middle-aged women and Gen Z, covering aspects of consumer needs, information & purchase channels and consumption trends
  • An overview of relevant industry regulations: touching on milestone events or laws and regulations in China’s health supplement industry in recent years, including the use of health supplements labels, advertising of health supplements, registration and filling process, etc.
  • TMO’s China Health Supplement Market Entry Road Map: an example process from interest in the market to capitalizing on success and expanding your company’s presence
  • Overseas brand case studies: providing insights from the cases of three typical health supplement brands with different brand positioning successfully entering China market

This report will be updated annually. Additionally, to stay on top of the latest info on the industry, check out our monthly data packs, available right here.