A Guide to China’s major eCommerce websites

Jing Zhou Jing Zhou

When people mention about the biggest b2c eCommerce website in China, that’s for sure is Taobao and Tmall which takes 56.7%  of the market share. However going Tmall or Taobao means competing with around 7,000,000 merchants in this hypermarket. So, which are the other marjor e-commerce sites in China when consumers requires more and more differentiated and personalized online shopping experience?

General eCommerce site

  • Amazon  http://www.amazon.cn
  • Yihaodian  http://www.yihaodian.com/
  • Dang dang  http://www.dangdang.com/
  • Honghaizi  http://redbaby.suning.com/
  • Oriental cj http://www.ocj.com.cn/
  • 51 Youpin   http://www.51youpin.com/
  • Jingkou China http://www.chnimport.com/
  • Paipai http://etg.qq.com/

Digital products

  • Suning  http://www.suning.com/
  • Yixun  http://www.51buy.com/
  • Newegg  http://www.newegg.com.cn/

Clothing and Fashion

  • Vancl  http://www.vancl.com/
  • Yoho  http://www.yohobuy.com/
  • Masa masa http://www.masamaso.com/
  • Mai 18 http://www.m18.com/

Bag Glass and other Accessories

  • Mai baobao  http://www.mbaobao.com/
  • Xiequ http://www.myxiequ.com/
  • Jingpin http://www.jpeen.com/


  • VIP shop http://shop.vipshop.com/
  • Jushang  http://www.fclub.cn/
  • Glamour sale http://www.glamour-sales.com.cn/

Food ,Wine and Fruit

  • Zhongliang  http://sh.womai.com/
  • Yes my wine http://www.yesmywine.com/
  • Yi guo http://www.yiguo.com/


  • An gou  http://www.anngo.net/
  • Mai le gou  http://www.m6go.com/
  • Lamiu  http://www.lamiu.com/

D(Designer) 2 C (Consumer)

  • Quwan http://www.quwan.com/
  • Doin  http://www.doin.cn/

There is still a more comprehensive eCommerce list to dig into according to vertical industry and  targeting group. Contact us for more industry specific market information.

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