4 Major Keywords to Improve Your B2B eCommerce in China

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B2B eCommerce in China will continue to grow strongly in the year of 2016. Simply having an online store isn’t enough, however. Business customers expect the same user experience they enjoy in their B2C lives when online for work purposes, meaning organizations need to improve their game if they want to capture more business. To reach your goal, there are four keywords B2B companies need to focus, especially in China:



In 2016, you will find that your buyers in China are “mobile savvy”. According to Shopify, mobile traffic volume is now 50.3%, which outranks desktop in eCommerce traffic volume. Meanwhile, research conducted by Forrester shows that 52% of B2B buyers are doing product research with their smartphone.

2016 will be the year you’re actually going to see mobile’s huge impact in B2B eCommerce. Consumers will continue to spend more time with online commerce on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) than desktop and laptop PCs. Mobile has officially become the primary access point to online retail for most consumers.




Compared to only a few years ago, consumer behavior has changed due to innovation in technology. Consumers nowadays are used to buy any product at the moment they want, using the channel they want, albeit smartphone, tablet or desktop. More than ever, B2B Businesses today need to adopt a multi-channel platform that enables them to fulfill customers’ different needs. More exactly, to optimize the buying experience around the departmental and individual needs of each channel through which orders are processed is vital to B2B business nowadays.

With a B2B eCommerce platform that supports multi-channel effectively, B2B sellers can directly deliver a unique buying experience for each of those, optimized around their unique job function or preferences.




The mobile wallet is on its way to becoming a key element of the B2B eCommerce experience. Mobile wallet means not just a new payment option: it will become one of the major contributors of a seamless shopping experience for B2B customers.

Providers of mobile wallets need to make substantial improvements, including providing adequate security measures to motivate buyers to start using mobile wallets in B2B scenarios. Without any doubt, those trends mentioned are going to reshape the B2B marketplace in 2016. If your company hasn’t started adopting these innovations, it is time to strategize and capitalize on these eCommerce trends.




Content is still the king. If you’re going to be successful in B2B marketing this year, you have to learn the art of storytelling and high-quality content. There is no secret that content is the core of B2B. The reason is simple: customers want details to help them make the purchase decision. Details in contents will also build trust between you and your customers.

This opens up a lot of opportunities for B2B sellers: your B2B eCommerce will not only be a sales channel, but also a platform to educate and inform your customers. One integrated platform will does its best on maintaining a more continuous flow of interaction between brand and retailer––notifying them of new products, promotions, and available training materials. Furthermore, the platform will be also beneficial for your SEO ranking and brand awareness.



The future is absolutely bright for B2B eCommerce in China. More business than ever will be done online, pushing costs of managing orders to new lows and customer satisfaction to new highs. Centralizing your business’ strategies around the B2B customer will be key to your success.

Right now, an integrated eCommerce platform for B2B has increasingly become a profitable and meaningful sales channel for brands and wholesalers. If you’re ready to boost up your B2B eCommerce, contact TMO Group and take advantage of our wealth of experience working with a wide range of B2B companies across a diverse range of industries.

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