3 Steps to Double Your Website Traffic In Few Months

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Nowadays, increase website traffic is something like hot chili because traffic insights is like a backbone of any website. If you’re neglecting this aspect of your online marketing campaign, you could be missing out on potential sales. And guess where your prospects wind up. To help, the team at TMO Group have put together 3 steps you can use in order to double your website traffic in few Months.

1 Write keyword rich contents no matter what

If you want to become a top blogger in your niche, post consistently. I don’t mean that you need to post daily to succeed, but you have to be CONSISTENT with your blog posting frequency. Who will like to read your blog if you update blog posts inconsistently? The best way to know your blog posting frequency is by “testing”.

Testing is the key to know the perfect blog post frequency on your blogs, know what works and what’s not. Take the help from your readers and other bloggers if you need. Use online survey tools like Survey monkey or use your email list to ask your readers “when to update”. This way you will have a better idea on what to write and when to update on your blogs.

2. Generate engagement via comments and discussions

Your website content — articles, blog posts, images, etc. — should enable visitors to comment. This feature facilitates potentially valuable interaction and engagement with your target audience.

Your visitors will leave comments for 3 reasons:

  • They want to thank you for your post
  • They have a question that they hope you can answer
  • They may be trying to see how responsive and communicative you are

In the world of B2C marketing, it’s imperative to participate in these conversations. Leaving your audience hanging is a missed opportunity to generate traffic, good will, and sales. Your strategy should be to cultivate the discussion

3. Set reminders to revisit and update the website

It’s a good idea to go to your own website at least once a month. Give it a read. See if anything has changed. Do you have up-to-date pictures? Has the staff changed? Have you attended an event recently that you’d like to talk about? (Make sure you take pictures!) Have you written any articles? Have you added any new services to your list? Are there are any new products that you’d like to showcase?

Not only will keeping your site up to date ensure a professional display for your practice, but regular updates also show the search engines that the site is being kept fresh and active. This can help your ranking.

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