5 Predictions for Modern Website Design

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Trends and fashions are fascinating things. In the tech industry, things move fast. Real fast. Web design and development is no different. Your website plays a crucial role in the impression you give to potential customers so if you want to stand out from your competitors a modern site can make all the difference. But what makes a website modern in 2015?

Take a look at this article which offers their 6 predictions for modern website design trends in 2015.

Micro interactions

Micro interactions are a good trend to talk about after material design. This is an upcoming trend after material designs and should be given its due importance. For starters, it is a contained experience or moment within a product meant for a single use case. It could be in the form of an email signup box that pops up on some websites. When it does its wiggle on the screen, it instantly gives a touch of personality to a static graphic. Micro interactions are meant for that added user engagement and to give a more personal experience, which is often appreciated.

micro interactions

Personalization and optimization rather than innovation

More than path breaking innovations, 2015 is going to be about the character of optimization. The challenge is not to come up with new design trends but in the form of old Responsive designs to be optimized. These surfaces will have to be worked out so that they work on both, small and big screens. Personalization will also be a problem in the future because web content today is fused with everyday user and user experience will have to be an individual one.

personalization and optimization

Fix width centered site layout

Most websites over the last few years have used the “banding” or width: 100 percent design element so that things like images and sections visually stretch the full width of a browser’s viewport. Before this trend became popular, most sites were fix-width and centered in the page. You could tell where the site ended on either side.

That fix-width trend seems to be trying to come back in a more modern way. Instead of sites and their content sections going all the way to either side of the viewport, some sites are opting for a max-width to keep their content centered in the viewport.

Fix width centered site

More of scrolling and fewer clicks

One of the most recent trends is just parallax scrolling. Many successful brands have already moved to the parallax shift because it adds an impressive effect their performance.

In the coming years, scrolling will be more popular than clicking. With the rise of parallax scrolling, research has shown that users want to view all what you offer on a single page rather than by viewing on every single page of your site.

parallax scrolling

Flat Design is Growing Up

Flat design has achieved a lot of momentum over the last year or two and it appears to have staying power into 2015. However, it might be possible that as a concept, flat design is growing up.

Material Design is a mostly flat design that uses very subtle gradients, layering, and animation to retain a sense of the tangible world (physical space and objects) while still achieving all the advantages of flat design.

Flat Design

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