Website Design: 10 Best Tools Need to Make Use Of

TMO GroupApril 18, 2014
Website Design: 10 Best Tools Need to Make Use Of

Website design is like a hot cake now-a-days. Every company is looking for a website for their company, and the market place where the web designers work is crowded than ever. The scenario that was here ten to fifteen years ago has totally changed. So if you are a web designer, you do not need to do anything else other than design websites to make a living. Here I am starting with the basic of the 10 tools that you will need to design cool websites. They are

1. Web Host
2. Website Name
3. Web Browser
4. Text Editors
5. Ready-made website builder
6. FTP client
7. Firebug – Firefox plugin
8. Image Editors
9. Getty Images
10. CMS software

A web host is a critical and the most important aspect of a website. These are servers that keep your website live to the rest of the world. There are many web hosting services that provide hosting at a very reasonable price. There are even companies that provide free web hosting services. But if you are looking for making a professional website, a paid website host is always recommended.

Website name is the domain name they look up to your website by. This is the name that you use to identify your website. Without a domain name, you simply cannot make a website that will be easy to use, can you remember every time you have to go to this site? But you can always remember This is how domain names make your life easier.

Web browsers are very important because this is how you access to the websites. You need to use browsers to make some necessary changes. And check through all types of browsers to see if the website is compatible or not in every platform.

Text Editors: This may look like a very old tool for you, as many powerful browsers now allow you to edit your website online, but you need it anyhow. For offline editing to your websites and coding small changes, text editors can be handy.

Website builder creating a website from scratch may kill a lot of your precious time. But when you have a website builder in hand, things will get so handy and you will be so efficient enough. Many web hosting companies also come up with a free website builder.

FTP Client: An FTP client is used to transfer your files and media from your computer to your web host’s servers.

Firebug: Firefox plugin supposes you are scrolling down a website and you come across something wonderful. You want to do the same thing for your website. What do you do? With the open source Firefox plugin named Firebug, you can just hover your cursor over the content and see the coding.

Image Editor: you need an image editor to crop, resize and put effects on certain icons and other image related contents of your website. There are many pricey image editors in the market, however some are really cheap and powerful and you can easily make use of them.

You do need to add a lot of photos to your website, Getty Images is a wonderful marketplace where many famous photographers upload their photographs. You can download those images by paying a very little fee. Some of the images in there are free and there is a huge collection of videos too.

CMS software every web designers rely on content management software. These are powerful tools and have revolutionized the way we create websites in modern days.

Above are just few basic tools that a webmaster needs to know. There are various other useful things that every designer and developer should well versed of.

More details, please refer to  >> Website design

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