Top 6 Hottest eCommerce Design Trends to Embrace in 2016

TMO GroupApril 11, 2016
Top 6 Hottest eCommerce Design Trends to Embrace in 2016

Your eCommerce websites are the first interface between the customers and your business. With that being said, a good eCommerce website design is important because it can deliver customers a seamless shopping experience while putting yourself one step ahead of the competition.

In today’s fast-changing eCommerce world, you must be aware of what’s trending right now in the eCommerce sphere. Here’s a closer look at some of the hottest eCommerce design trends that are going to dominate 2016.


1) Hidden Menus

Example: ETQ Amsterdam

Hidden menus, most commonly a variation on hamburger menus, have become tremendously popular due to cleaning up of a lot of clutter on eCommerce sites. Initially they were designed for use on mobile, but increasingly they’re making their way into desktop designs.

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 下午4.14.12

In 2015, numerous online sellers used hidden navigation menus on both small and large screen devices to save up a lot of screen space and in future, this trend too will continue to grow.


2) Responsive Design

Example: 5J Cinco Jotas China

Responsive design is an essential requirement for most websites in 2016, but it’s vital that you design for large screen devices as well as optimizing for mobile and tablet views. That’s because there’s an increasing trend towards browsing and shopping, on high-res devices like TVs.

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 下午3.33.23

Over 32% of web users have devices with a screen resolution of 1920 pixels of higher, which demonstrates just how important it is to consider those larger sizes. Through 2016 more and more sites will take their lead from eCommerce stores that work well on large screen devices.


3) Storyteller

Example: Bonobos

In today’s highly competitive eCommerce landscape, only storytelling can make your brand stand out from the crowd. Presenting your content in a unique and compelling way, a great story not only establishes an emotional connection between your brand and your customers but also increases loyalty and sales. Simply put, storytelling brings a stagnant brand to life.


Although storytelling is not an easy thing to achieve in eCommerce, many fastest-growing eCommerce stores are now practicing this strategy to their advantage.


4) Card Design

Example: Lord&Taylor

In recent years, card (and card-like) layouts have gained tremendous popularity amongst designers, and this trend will undoubtedly continue into 2016 and beyond. Firstly because cards are one of the main components used in Material Design; Secondly because they work extremely well with responsive web design.

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 下午3.41.57

One of the best things about Card layouts is their user-friendliness. Allowing you to arrange and organize your products, they not only help visitors easily get all relevant information at a glance, but allow them to browse more easily if a particular product doesn’t suit, enabling more effective upselling.


5) Large and Flexible Typography

Example: Brdr. Krüger

Content is certainly king, but the way you represent the content demonstrates how powerful the king really is! Just like 2015, 2016 will be a notable year for large responsive typography that works great on all kinds of devices ranging from a small screen mobile, to a large desktop monitor.

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 下午3.43.44

Since typography plays a vital role in developing a strong visual brand identity, and in attracting potential customers towards products in your online store, numerous stores are keen to implement this approach.


6) Dynamic search


And finally, the most recent and prominent design trend that caught my eye is Dynamic Search. This technique is especially successful when you have a very large inventory, and it will help your customer direct to what they want in less time.

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 下午3.47.02

The most compelling example of the eCommerce sites using this amazing feature is JadoPado. Go to their site, search for something and you’ll see products displayed on the page changing dynamically.


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Things move quickly in the wide world of eCommerce design, but one rule is for good: A great eCommerce design isn't just about great looks, but also about how well it converts.

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