6 Tips to Improve Your Online Customers Purchase Rate

TMO GroupJune 8, 2015
6 Tips to Improve Your Online Customers Purchase Rate

Conversion could be one of the most important target for eCommerce website. We need our customers to buy products from our website. Before we already posted how to convert eCommerce website visitors into buyers. Today we also give other 8 tips, which can help to improve your online customers purchase rate.

1. Subliminal advertising

A statistic from Google AdWords shows that 75% of people won't touch search results which appear on the right hand side and there is lees than 1% of users interact with such advertising. What does this mean? If user definitely know it is advertising, they will probably ignore it. As a result, we can provide some subliminal advertising indirectly through images or contents.

2. Let users try it

Have you ever seen that in Taobao, there are many trial products which people only pay less than 10 RMB including shipping. To be honest, if business owners are confident to their products, they can get their money back in long term.

3. Guide your customers

One effective way to improve click rate of call to action buttons is to add some arrows which can guide visitors. Normally people are curious about what will be shown after arrows. In that case, we can provide a clear process from register to check-out in terms of guide customers.

Guide customers

4. The Gutenberg rule

The Gutenberg Rule is used to show a user behavior known as reading gravity, the western habit of reading left-to-right, top-to-bottom. Normally visitors will focus on left top of whole page at the beginning. And focus on right bottom in the end. That's why product images are usually put in left top and check out button are usually put in right bottom.

5. Present a range of payment options

According to conversion rate experts not all buyers feel safe in using their credit card. Some don’t even have a credit card. Buyers should be given the option to pay by debit card, personal check (snail mail), PayPal and other similar services, bank transfer and, if in case they want to stop by to pick it up, you’ll even take cash.

Check out options

6. Make errors easy to fix

A survey by Invesp found that submission errors ranked in the top ten of conversion problems during checkout.

Some checkout pages display an error message at the top of the page, but don’t count on people scrolling up to find out where they went wrong. To ensure people fix the error to complete their order, display error messages next to the field where it occurred.


You’ll also want people’s information to be saved, so there’s no need for them to re-enter it and to make it as easy as possible for them to fix – just like music streaming service Rdio does in the screenshot above.

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