Reasons Cosmetics Brand Entering China Should Choose WeChat (As Told By Minions)

TMO GroupDecember 31, 2015
Reasons Cosmetics Brand Entering China Should Choose WeChat (As Told By Minions)

For a foreign cosmetics brand, WeChat is THE social media tool to use to interact with Chinese customers and boost eCommerce business. These minions know exactly the reason why...


(Not these, those smart ones...)


1. WeChat's user base in China is huge


WeChat is dominating China's social media. Till the end of 3rd Quarter 2015, WeChat had 650 million monthly active users (MAUs). At the end of last year, the company had 500 million, meaning its user base had jumped up 9.8 percent in a matter of months.

In comparison, Facebook Messenger has 600 million MAUs around the whole world.


2. The advantage of WeChat's "inner circle"


As we mentioned in the previous article, Top 5 Sources of information for Cosmetics Purchase in ChinaIn China's cosmetics market, which source of information will make Chinese shoppers to pull the trigger and complete the purchase?the No.1 sources of information for cosmetics purchase in China is from "friends", which accounted for 69%. Cosmetics shoppers in China incline to pay more attention to the recommendation from friends.

WeChat is born for this "world-of-mouth" marketing in cosmetics business: It is more of a close-loop communication platform than Weibo. A user will update and share infos with their friends in their contacts, not the whole outside world.Thus from a sales point of view, WeChat commerce is about 'inner circle' marketing. WeChat's circle of business has a unique advantage.


3. Higher engagement rates to build stronger customer loyalty

love all my followers

Report shows that beauty brands on WeChat has a much higher engagement rate than other sectors. In August 2015, the engagement rate (“likes” and “shares” ) of beauty brands on WeChat is 200% higher than other sectors, such as automotive, fashion, beer, sports clothing, watches & jewelry.

Most of the cosmetics brands in China have WeChat official accounts. Other than posting promotional messages, photos and videos, brand could also offer free samples for potential customers to increase the engagement rate and the brand loyalty.


4. WeChat eCommerce is the next big thing


Since the birth of WeChat Payment, more WeChat users are gradually adapting WeChat eCommerce. To be more exact, users can directly view and purchase the WeChat version of one brand's online shop, and to complete the purchase via its own Payment. This is certainly a great news for both the cosmetics brands and the users. If a foreign cosmetics brand want to penetrate China's market, WeChat eCommerce Platform: The good, the Bad and the SolutionThere are several 3rd party eCommerce platforms one can use to build up its own WeChat eCommerce, both the pros and cons are very obvious.WeChat eCommerce could be your path to success.


After all, WeChat is a powerful tool that one cannot ignore for cosmetics eCommerce. Hope the reasons above will help you and wish one day your cosmetics business in China can grow like this:



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