Unexpected Potential For Cross Border eCommerce in Spain

TMO GroupMarch 23, 2015
Unexpected Potential For Cross Border eCommerce in Spain

The strategy of using small languages in cross border eCommerce is widely used in recent years. But some people are not clear about how much potential does it have for such the small language eCommerce market. So today we'll take Spanish as an example.

Deep-rooted concept of consumption

First let's see some research data for spain: Internet penetration rate 68%; Mobile penetration rate 130%; Smartphone penetration rate 66%; Tablet penetration rate 12.7%; 150 million online consumers; 750 million mobile commerce consumption. Furthermore, eCommerce increased almost 20% on average in 2012. And eCommerce has been considered as the most easy industry in terms of the profit. Benefit from the increase of eCommerce, deep-rooted concept of consumption has already in consumers mind.

Internet concept

High level of understanding for cross border eCommerce

Not only the opportunity of inbound eCommerce is quite big in Spain, but also cross border eCommerce. More than 50% of  Spanish have the experience of shop in cross border eCommerce platform. In addition, total consumption of import cross border eCommerce occupied 44.2% of total eCommerce consumption in Spain. That means, almost half of Spanish are waiting for goods from abroad. The growth rate of cross border eCommerce is 12.5% on average in Spain.

High level of understanding for cross border eCommerce

Convenient logistics and payment

Mobile payment is one of the important reason for the rapid development of cross border eCommerce. And Spain appears to be very good at solve the problem of mobile payment.

In fact, card payment is the preferred way in Spain. And Vista, master card and express card almost dominate 97% of market share. In order to promote the eCommerce, Spain government adjusted the counter fee of transfer the money in debit card into credit card. In addition, many logistic ways can be used in Spain, which reduced the difficulty of delivery.

Convenient logistics and payment

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