Developing Social Media to promote Online to Offline Marketing

TMO GroupMay 8, 2014
Developing Social Media to promote Online to Offline Marketing

We always intrigued when companies start to integrate their offline advertising campaigns with online to offline marketing efforts like social media, search engine optimization (SEO), and pay per click (PPC) marketing. But thanks to social media, the line between online to offline marketing is not blurred.

As businesses online, we’re always being told things like social media is vital for “building relationships with our online communities”, but what most of us are interested in is simply how can it have a positive impact on my website, preferably how could it make me more sales.

So be prepared to see social media as a essential component in many tactics suggested below on promoting online to offline marketing.

1. Make use of non-brand-related hashtags

Online-to-Offline-CuttsWhether you are organizing a charity marathon or running a local café, you can use hashtags to get people talking about your brand online. By including a hashtag in printed materials, offline ads or mentioning it another way, you can encourage people to use it when talking about your brand online. With one hashtag used across different social media platforms, it is possible to create a community around your brand as well as to better engage with the fans and respond to their online mentions.

There are also several ways to make use of non-brand-related hashtags, such as those referring to certain places, events (like Matt Cutts did) or type of products.

2. Diversify visuals

Sharing happy moments with others through photos and videos is one of the things that make visual social platforms to be a success. Different types of photo contests, which are run on Wechat friends circle or Weibo are a frequent promotion method that could result in tremendous brand awareness and great audience engagement. Special applications that automate the process are of great help in this case.

People love to take images of tasty-looking food, smart outfits and many other things, so a lot of brands have incorporated Instagram as a basic element of o2o marketing campaign. The range of marketing activities spans promo code distribution, running image competitions and posting photos on new products launched.

3. Cross-promote between platforms

Because of the varied ways in which people communicate, everyone has their own preferred tool for interacting with others online. We're heavy on Weibo, but we're also using Wechat and email to communicate with people. So don't just say "Find Us On Weibo," or "Join our Wechat public platform." Believe it or not, it's not that easy to find companies or products that are major brands on most of the Social media.

In short, On each venue we're cross-promoting the others. That way, people can follow us the way they most prefer.

4. Make Descriptions and titles more detailed

If you're bringing your offline content online, make sure your branding flows through all the channels. Although the title “online to offline” has the certain purpose, it should have added something such as “integrate online to offline marketing campaign”. Because people will be more likely to search “online to offline marketing ” than “online to offline”.

5. Bring your offline content online and optimize it.

If you have catchy commercials, interesting marketing literature, or even intriguing ads in radio or print, get them online in some fashion. People who like your brand or have found it useful or valuable will want to share it with their own network of friends circle and family members. Employees might want to share something of yours they saw at a conference or on TV with their bosses. Extend the life of your online to offline marketing efforts by bringing it online and making it easy to be found.

These are all basic ways to integrate your marketing efforts but once you’ve got these covered, it becomes easier to encourage your social media users and your physical visitors to combine. It doesn’t just stop with social media either.

The major trends to promote online to offline marketing involve develop social media that enable users to hold conversations, share happy moments and participate in different activities.

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