3 Mobile eCommerce Trends in 2015

TMO GroupDecember 29, 2014
3 Mobile eCommerce Trends in 2015

The growth rate of mobile eCommerce was the largest in 2014. For example Wechat introduced Wechat Mall and Baidu introduced its Zhidahao. eCommerce big giants, Baidu, Tencent and Alibaba still dominate the China eCommerce and they already start their mobile commerce. Followings are 3 predictions about what will happen for mobile eCommerce in 2015.

Micro mart will become the main force

Since JD (http://www.jd.com/) joint Tencent in March 2014, they never stopped the exploration for mobile eCommerce in Wechat mall. At first, JD opened its API for Wechat mall. But the myth was dashed at "6.18" anniversary. It was not performing up to their expectations.

Different with Taobao or Tmall's App, JD's new concept in Social+eCommerce. And their fans already reached 6 million. It can be said that JD with the help of Wechat, who support the entrance for it. Their final goal is to develop a platform including both B2C and C2C. In addition, other 3rd party platforms who also use Wechat should not be ignored. More than 2 thousand big enterprises already start their micro mart through Wechat.

Vertical individual eCommerce is rising

Koudai Shopping obtain 350 million financing. Their mobile shopping app, which aim to show their individuation and precision is approved by many small eCommerce owners. And their profit model changed from CPS (click per sell) to CPC (click per click).

To be honest, future eCommerce will be difference and individuation. Developing user habits and social sharing are two of the most important strategies. When people actively share products or information, the platform will become more imaginative to get profits.

From my point of view, I prefer UGC (User Generated Content). One hand, loyalty customers will be guiders. On the other hand, people can share their own point of view and comments for reference.

Social eCommerce will be a breakthrough

A research from Yiguan showed that user quantity has already reached to 100 million in 2014. 30% increased that last year. And PC only increased 10% at the same period of time. Furthermore, the trading volume reached 10 trillion. Almost 270% increased and it occupied 40% in whole online sales.

The question of what came first, "the chicken or the egg?" is similar to "Social or eCommerce". Actually, what user concern is not the answer. Most of them will choose what can benefit them. In addition, safety is the most important problem in transaction. For Wechat, maybe we can see it will burn its boat or under the cover.

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