How Adobe Commerce (Magento) Keeping up with the Current Online Shopping Trends

TMO GroupAugust 28, 2014
How Adobe Commerce (Magento) Keeping up with the Current Online Shopping Trends

Online shopping trends keep changing. Keeping up with the current shopping trends and selecting the right platform for your eStore that will not fall short with time, is highly essential. Adobe Commerce (previously known as Magento) is one such ecommerce platform that offers businesses with a perfect solution that will take care of all the requirements to build an online store and keep up with the technology and market trends and grow.

Here’s how Adobe Commerce (Magento) can help your business with the right approach to web and mobile solutions:

Convenient Shopping Cart

Shopping cart is with the customer throughout his visit of your online store. If you want it to be filled to the top with a successful conversion, you need to make it as convenient as possible. Ajax is of great help there as it doesn’t distract a customer from shopping with page reloads.

There are Ajax Shopping Cart extensions that also give your customers a chance to enjoy the cart overview dialog, where all the added products can be seen and also the current subtotal is provided to make it easier for the buyer to follow his expenses.

Large websites

Adobe Commerce (Magento) powers both large and small sites and has a flexible codebase. It is also known for it’s Multi Store functionalities. The same admin panel can be used to administer more than one store. Adobe Commerce also has multilingual features. This caters for the businesses who are targeting global audiences.

Mobile Commerce

Mobile commerce has grown wisely in the recent years and many of the Online shopping businesses are looking to build a Mobile Commerce website for them. Many mobile commerce related surveys says that, buyers through smartphones has increased twice than the previous year. People scroll through websites on tablets, smartphone, notebooks and other web-enabled mobile devices to find out products and services online. Adobe Commerce acts as a flexible platform to design, develop and integrate mobile applications with the existing store.

Responsive Mobile Sites

Magento offers built in responsive features in order to shorten the time to build responsive estores with both Community edition as well as with the Enterprise edition. Websites / Webstores that can fit and provide great experiences to users across all types of mobile devices are definitely the ones that are more successful. The methodology to creating sites that are mobile friendly was making a mobile variant of an existing site. This methodology has moved to making one version that is both computer and small gadget friendly. This design is known as the responsive design and offers ideal website page viewing regardless of the gadget being utilized. Magento provides the base and a good Magento ecommerce developer can definitely customize a great mobile compatible website for you!

Capability of Custom Development

Now, website owners can also go a custom development of their eCommerce website through Adobe Commerce as this e-commerce web application offers custom development to its users. Website owners can get their desired e-commerce website and add their desired features in it. It is excellent for the e-commerce businessmen to build their website in such way so that it grabs the attention of lots of people.

Well, Adobe Commerce (Magento) Development and customization can offer users with great opportunities to add great features and prepare their eCommerce store for growth and success. Keeping up with current and future technology trends will ensure that your business gains from the platform or solution that you choose for your online store.

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