3 Key Effects of the Scene Design for Mobile Apps

TMO GroupJuly 14, 2015
3 Key Effects of the Scene Design for Mobile Apps

First let's imagine in what conditions we will use a map mobile app? Probably we're searching for some subway information, or we need to find our destination, or we get lost while driving and so on.

Nearly all of users have a clear purpose, and they also seems to be anxious. In that case, a well-designed guide page will not make sense. However, some interesting design could be used in some entertainment apps that users usually use in their spare time.

A same guide page. Sometimes it can attract users and sometimes it might annoy them. As a result, we need to take the scene into consideration. Now let's see 3 key effects of the scene design for mobile apps.

Use scene design to explore functions

It's no exaggeration to say that a good scene design is able to accomplish the app. Take a famous app "Sound Hound "as an example, who found the right scene and did the right thing.

As we all know, there are hundreds of music apps is app store. Sometimes we might hear a good song in a taxi, or attracted by a background music of a movie. Somehow we don't know their name. Then there comes the core function.

SoundHound app

Furthermore, many functions of Wechat also related to some scenes for example share our location. Sometimes we were supposed to meet up. And we cannot tell exactly where we are by telephone. Then here comes the function. And many music radios have a function of sleep time. When there is a requirement, there is a sale.

Use scene design to find flaws

When your app is growing and you don't know how to optimize it, you can try to use scene design to find flaws. Take Chrome mobile browser as an example. It has the gesture that when we slide left on a web page, it will go to the previous page. but sometimes we just would like to see the left side of the page. In that case, here comes a reasonable solution: adjust the speed of the gesture.

chrome gesture

Let's see another new update of Mac OS this year. Sometimes we can not found the mouse on screen. But now, after we shake our mouse, the cursor will be bigger! Such a humanized design.

Mac os update

Use scene to tell a story

Apple is a company who always tell stories when they release some new functions. Their video ads of apple watch is a good example. First they create a scene of sleeping, working or go jogging. Then the product can help us with some useful functions like log our work, or give advice to our exercise.


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