[Infographic]China eCommerce Customers: Branded Goods or Low Price Generics?

TMO GroupJune 8, 2016
[Infographic]China eCommerce Customers: Branded Goods or Low Price Generics?

Yes, China eCommerce market is that promising: around 150,000 new Chinese eCommerce shoppers start their eCommerce journey. Online retail penetration in China was only 11% in 2014, and now surpassed RMB 2.9 trillion in total value. Penetration is expected to double by 2020, with the total value skyrocketing to RMB 10 trillion.

For China eCommerce customers, which is more attractive: branded goods or low-priced generics? The infographic below by Bain & Company will offer you a deep look at how Chinese consumers are increasingly valuing branded goods over low-priced generics, and what will it take for companies to succeed in China’s branded Internet.

China eCommerce customers behavior


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