How to Develop an App in 5 Steps

TMO GroupSeptember 16, 2015
How to Develop an App in 5 Steps

No matter App store or Android store, there always be a large amount of new mobile apps. However, it is not easy to develop a successful mobile app. Today we'll talk about how to develop an app in 5 steps, which may help some app entrepreneurs.

1. Think of the business model

Many app entrepreneurs are going to develop mobile apps immediately after they just have a simple idea. To be honest, you'd better think about the business model. Actually, as a platform, many apps have their own business model for example Uber and Airbnb. Then you need to think about what kinds of value it can provide to users.

Basically you should be able to describe the core function in 1 sentence. For example the core function of Uber is to link passengers and drivers. The core function of Airbnb is to link landlords and renters.

Remember that you can add more functions in your next version. But your app need to survive, which mean it must have enough competitiveness.

2. Understand the environment of competition

After the core function is defined, you need to do some research about the environment of competition. You can not add more sugar in saturated sugar water. But you will have more opportunities in mature markets relatively speaking.

On the other hand, you need to consider the reason why the marketplace is opened to everyone.

3. Make a plan

After the analysis, it's time to make a plan. Convert your idea into a real product.

First, you need to distinguish UI and UX design. UI design pays more attention to the usability of interface. For example whether it is convenient to use, how efficient it is. But UX design focus on requirements. You need to evaluate whether it is meet users need.

After the design, you need to share it to others in order to get some feedback. Finally you need to consider the compatibility in different platforms and operating systems.

Generally speaking, it costs more and also more difficult to develop an android app. That's the reason why many developers choose IOS. But a successful app need to consider both.

4. Find app developers

You can't have your cake and eat it. Either excellent or cheap. Normally it costs more than 50 thousand dollars to finish an app from design, develop to deploy. Rome city is not built in one day. Some high quality apps even cost more than 100 thousand dollars!

And it take 12-20 weeks to develop the whole app. You can also find some freelancers if you don't have enough money.

5. Testing and optimization

Finally, you need to test the app in order to evaluate the effect. Quality assurance is also an important link. Once you found it is not meet expectations, you need to modify and optimize it. About 86% of mobile users would abandon the app if more than two bugs happened while they are using it.

Indeed, it takes time and money to develop a successful app. If you know 5 steps above, maybe you can survive in the fierce competition.

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