How to Consider UX in eCommerce Website Design

TMO GroupJune 4, 2015
How to Consider UX in eCommerce Website Design

Normally a number of factors determine whether eCommerce success of not such as capital chain, logistics, warehouse and so on. Considering of the eCommerce website, the factor of success could be the user experience (UX). An eCommerce website with good user experience can easily convert visitors into buyers, as well as get more repeat customers. Today we'll discuss 4 aspects of eCommerce user experience design.

1. Response speed

Why put this point in first place? Just imagine that if a website cannot be opened in a few seconds, many visitors will close it even the design is quite beautiful.

In early stage of eCommerce website design, probably there is not to much traffic. But when your site getting famous and your traffic is increasing, the issue of responsive speed will become obvious. In that case you need to use cache, upgrade your server or take other solutions for example asynchronous loading in Tmall shop.

2. Overall website design

Copy is everywhere, also it appears in user experience design. Isn't like article, some unusual design will against users customs and it is difficult for users to accept. For example, is there anyone try to change the alphabetical order in keyboard?

To be honest, many eCommerce companies would like to re-build  their website, but they are afraid of losing users. Some big eCommerce website like Amazon or JD in China, users are familiar with the design. For example they know where is the login button, how to add products into shopping cart or wish list, or how to checkout and comment. As a result, once your overall style is determined, you'd better not to change it frequently.

3. Search design

Generally there are two kinds of search, fuzzy search and conditional search. In fuzzy search, people don't have a clear demand. So JD give some suggestions in drop down box.

In conditional search, you can select categories, prices or styles. In order to enhancing the user experience, you can classify categories according to customers habits, popular brands or some other points that customer concerned.

4 Comments and consulting

Some eCommerce websites will give rewards to customers who comments their products. Make good use of comments can make your products getting popular. Now comments has become a common function in eCommerce websites. And some rewards like coupon can also bring customers back.

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