Hines x TMO Group | Latest UI Design of Real Estate Showcase in China

TMO GroupSeptember 15, 2017
Hines x TMO Group | Latest UI Design of Real Estate Showcase in China

Hines is a privately owned global real estate investment, development and management firm, founded in 1957, with a presence in 201 cities in 21 countries and $100 billion of assets under management.

Hines announced in 2013 that it was chosen as the successful bidder for a site in Shanghai’s prestigious Jing'an Business District. The project will anchor a new mixed-use development area, called the One Museum Place.

The tower is the centerpiece of Jing An District’s new urban center - the Museum Place district. Museum Place is the last and best commercial and recreation area in the heart of downtown Shanghai.


The Museum Place offers one of the most spacious, open and “green” locations in the City. The dramatic new Shanghai Natural History Museum is one of the world’s most celebrated new museums. Historic neighborhoods boast traditional Shanghai shikumen architecture and a unique character shaped by the city’s rich history. And the City’s finest new highrise office tower, developed by Hines, will open there in 2018. Museum Place is the jewel of Jing An – and is Shanghai’s best place to work, dine, shop and just enjoy life.


Before the official launch of the One Museum Place, Hines is planning to develop a series of digital tools to build up the project brand image and the intelligence real estate management platform. The brand website is now launched with the professional and innovative UI design and input from TMO Group.


Hines would like to create a strong and impressive online business case, presenting the project location, historical stories of the area, prime quality, facilities, property management and other brand information to establish the value and awareness of the brand to attract potential tenant in retail and office renting. The platform would extend to support the future operation for the Shopping Mall and Office leasing management.

During the project implementation, TMO Group performed user insights and competitor analysis in order to provide a more practical and user-centered solution. The project team also maintained frequent communication with Hines on the UI design, functionality, content, UX aspects of the application and provided our recommendation to fulfill the expectation.


On the PC device, a simple and minimal design is applied with the color of white, black and gold. An interactive and responsive design is used to make the browsing journey more decent and elegant. Also, using the animation, we are showing the perfect match between the One Museum Place Logo with the ‘Golden Spiral’ which is the logarithmic spiral whose growth factor is φ, the Golden Ratio. The real location and setting of the One Museum Place are seemed to imply the prime location and golden layout in the Jing'an District in Shanghai.


In the mobile centric era, TMO Group devotes a lot of effort on mobile device and web app optimization. On the mobile browser, users will find naturally guided by many interactive elements when they are exploring the property project. Real estate and property is no longer a static and complicated floor map but an interesting UI and interactive UX design to the potential tenants.


During the development stage, engineers discovered that most HTML5 animation was not supported on the WeChat browser. So, the front-end engineer deployed another presentation visual to ensure similar delivery, UI design and brand emotion for the website.


In the project, TMO Group demonstrates a vivid digitalization and UI design of a real estate industry should have. Hines could amplify the quality and prosperous future of the Museum Place via the brand website. In the future, both parties are optimistic about the extension of the system to a digitalized and intelligent management of the Shopping Mall and Office leasing.

One Museum Place



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