Grand Launch of the ShopNow Cloud Official Website

TMO GroupApril 2, 2018
Grand Launch of the ShopNow Cloud Official Website

Now, every brand has access to further explore the features of ShopNow Cloud via the official website. Check how ShopNow Cloud helps you stand out in the China eCommerce with scalable cloud hosting, multi-channel and mobile-centric adaptation, advanced analytics with data discovery, rich UI visualizations and guidance and resource of sales, service, and marketing.

TMO Group, one of the leading and innovative eCommerce solution providers in China, launched ShopNow Cloud, a cloud-based enterprise eCommerce platform. Since 2015, ShopNow Cloud has been at the forefront of new eCommerce and mobile developments for many international brands in the China market. Today, the official website of ShopNow Cloud is launched, aiming at promoting the benefits and features and recruiting global eCommerce partners and resellers.

ShopNow Cloud and China

ShopNow Cloud is especially for enterprises and brands to conduct eCommerce in China. It offers a direct and fast time-to-market eCommerce solution, empowering the brand store with an innovative mobile UX & UI design. ShopNow focuses on the effort of China localisation and the multi-channel landscape including WeChat - one of China’s most popular eCommerce platforms with currently 900 million users; and even extendable to offline channels. By implementing ShopNow, the eCommerce business will deliver the latest and greatest shopping services to your customers, resulting in a pleasant shopping experience.

WeChat example:

ShopNow WeChat Store integration


ShopNow Cloud official website revealed signature features and the absolute advantages of this platform. It is particularly suitable for foreign and international brands to enter the China market. ShopNow Cloud has an agile and flexible model and structure to roll out the store and other marketing campaigns quickly. A versatile eCommerce solution is essential in the dynamic and competitive China market. It generally saves ⅔ time and cost to launch a project when compared to other software.

Multi-channel Localisation

ShopNow Cloud puts lots of effort in localisation and adaptation to Chinese consumers. It helps your business integrate organically into the Chinese ecosystem which does not limit to language only. Mobile-centric approach facilitates the conversion of digital consumers who are all mobile savvy nowadays. Multi-channel landscape, from PC and mobile to WeChat store integration and even offline point-of-sale (POS) is indispensable in China. ShopNow takes care the seamless connectivity among channels as well as social media integration. By increasing your site’s lifetime value and optimizing your customer engagement, ShopNow’s multi-channel integration features assist you in becoming more productive and enable you to fully understand your customers.

Multi-channel example:

ShopNow Multi channel retailing

The ShopNow Cloud official website also suggests the concept of ShopNow’s Partner Network. “ShopNow has carefully gathered the industry's top international eCommerce experts and agencies into a network of certified ShopNow partners. This extensive network provides merchants with topnotch branding, marketing, and technical solutions services”, mentioned Dominiek Pouwer, Director of TMO Group. He also said: “We also welcome resell partners to join us if any parties are interested in extending their product or service offerings in the eCommerce sector and increasing the revenue.”

Finally, valuable eCommerce resources such as industry guidebook, solutions, and case studies will be regularly updated. All the resources are targeting brands in different fields and background, regardless B2C or B2B model. ShopNow Cloud has premium enterprise features to cater special needs from B2B eCommerce such as closed log-in environment and other customized features upon request. Setting up the eCommerce store with ShopNow Cloud is quick and easy. To know more, please visit ShopNow Cloud.

About TMO Group

By transferring proven technology and best practices across industries, TMO Group has emerged as an innovative cloud services provider that offers the clients an exceptionally competitive advantage at an extraordinarily good value.

Since 2011, TMO has been at the forefront of new eCommerce and mobile developments in China. Deep understanding of the local eCommerce market enables the team to provide the best strategy and the most localized solution for your business. From innovative site management solutions to extensive platform features and outstanding customer support, TMO helps your online business flourish and to exceed your customers’ expectations. By providing valuable industry expertise and innovation, TMO launched eCommerce sites in a wide variety of industries, such as FMCG, cross-border commerce, fashion, and luxury.

The core product, ShopNow Cloud, has been carefully crafted and designed to help you find the fastest pathway to success in China’s rapidly expanding eCommerce market.

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