Future Of Retail POS – Completely Mobile OR Extension of Traditional POS?

TMO GroupSeptember 25, 2014
Future Of Retail POS – Completely Mobile OR Extension of Traditional POS?

One of the most exciting changes in the world of POS has been the ability to untether the check-out process from a static counter or register. Cashiers are now able to move freely about with mobile POS systems, reducing lines and giving customers the freedom to purchase their items from anywhere in store.

Mobile POS (Point of Sales) for retail, definitely adds value to the business. Mobile point of sale systems allows retailers to re-imagine physical store layouts to maximize sales and increase the intimacy of customer interaction. No longer must there be a physical barrier between sales associates and their customers. No longer will customers be frustrated by sales associates that stand behind the counter and never greet or approach them.But what does the future hold for Mobile POS?

Identifying segments appropriate for Mobile POS

Retailers, who require minimal functionality can use traditional POS and mobile as an “aid” to the process. A valuable extension that can help improve efficiency and productivity. Mobile POS definitely adds value to retailers selling hard to move items. This applies to refrigerators and televisions etc for example, where the sales personnel can move around the store and place order and accept payments while roaming around the store. Potential customers can be quickly and effectively converted in this way. Grocery stores and discount stores need different features for a POS to be able to handle inventory as the items are fast selling and need frequent updation.

Is Functionality provided by current Mobile POS limited?

No! Infact Mobile POS offers retailers with more than enough options to improve productivity, manage the store effectively and generate quicker sales and drive profits in return. However, there is a common notion that mobiles cannot handle all modes of payment like cheques and electronic benefits transfer etc. Signatures for receipts etc are also complicated for a shopper to sign on such a small device. Well, advanced technologies do accommodate for all these concerns and the future of mobile POS definitely will clear all these notions.

Are there any security concerns?

There is definitely a greater reliability on wireless technologies for this kind of checkout process. Unless you have a reliable wireless connection, Mobile POS cannot be taken full advantage of. The software you choose to implement your Mobile POS system should be built skillfully with all the security guidelines in mind. A point of sale system is only as secure and as robust as the underlying software.

So, what exactly does the future hold for Mobile POS?

Considering all the above points, it’s safe to say that the future of retail checkout is headed towards mobile technologies. As in all walks of life, mobile penetration has definitely helped and future of retail with mobile POS definitely seems brighter! It will improve the checkout process, increase customer satisfaction, provide your sales force with the most appropriate method for quick sales, give your retail store a technological benefit and slowly but steadily lead your business to success!

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