Doing eCommerce business in China

TMO GroupMay 29, 2013
Doing eCommerce business in China

Move Into The Chinese Market Place

There are over 450,000,000 consumers looking to buy the exact products and services that you are selling to other markets. Why are you not allowing them to buy what you are offering in China? Why are you not Doing Business In China right now? By starting up a targeted online marketing strategy within China’s market place, you can gain a strong foothold in an incredibly fast growing world economy. You can start off from within the confines of your current location. Is there any reason why you don’t want to sell your business into such a large market place, that is crying our for what you are offering? Once you gain an internet presence and a solid foothold you can think of moving into this exciting market place physically. We are there to help you every step of the way, as you grow your business in this exciting and profitable market place. Expand Into China Now!!

Doing eCommerce Business In China

There are many differences between Chinese consumers, and those from the west or other locations. For a start the main search engine that is used in China is Baidu. About 69% of traffic goes through this monster search engine. There are differences to how Chinese consumers like to use websites, and also how they react to various advertising campaigns. There are certain licences that need to be acquired to trade into China as well. But none of these should stop a company from trading into this giant economy. There are millions of potential clients and consumers waiting to be offered your services and products. There has never been a better time to build a brand in a market place that has so much to offer businesses from around the world.

How We Can Help You

  • Baidu optimisation and advertising managment
  • Website creation to suit the Chinese market place, mobile friendly and in Chinese
  • Procurement assistance of official licences and paper work
  • Partner acquisition, distribution advice and support
  • Full support with any move, to set up a business within China itself

We assist by creating a strategy for your business that encompasses all the required trading licences, and partnership introductions that will be a necessary part of your Chinese venture. We develop websites that are specifically designed for the Chinese market place, with a heavy emphasis on making them very much a mobile friendly product. Most Chinese do their internet surfing through mobile devices, so this is imperative. Baidu is the premier search engine in China, and we make sure that you have effective advertising and SEO strategies in place, to successfully gain traffic from this traffic source.

Our marketing strategies are designed to be effective for the market place that you are targeting. All analytics and advertising is tailored to the Chinese consumer. This way we know that we can offer effective results to those who are looking to gain decent traffic, and therefore a large amount of business. The necessary online payment accounts can also be handled by ourselves, meaning that you have access to the payment systems that are used throughout China. Whether you are looking to operate an online campaign to create a market, or if you are looking to actually locate part of your business into China, Endurance Seo will make sure that you are successful, and guide you every step of the way. Our Chinese agency is there to make sure that there are no problems with language or culture. We understand what needs to be done to promote a business within China successfully. Let us help you share that success.

What Sells Into China?

China is a massive market place as you can imagine. There is a great hunger for services, investment opportunities, branded goods, and quality luxurious items. It would be impossible to list everything that could be a success in China, or everything that could have a successful brand created for it, should it not already have one. The best thing to do is contact us through the link, and let us have a look at what you are offering, and the potential options your business will have within this giant open market place, and how we can get your business growing here.

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