Do you really understand the Chinese consumer?(2)

TMO GroupJune 30, 2017
Do you really understand the Chinese consumer?(2)

Hope you enjoyed our article last week about the Chinese user persona.

In this episode,we will continue to introduce five more representative Do you really understand the Chinese consumer?(1)We selected 9 of the most representative Chinese consumer, and start introducing from this article to dive straight in and check out what is happening on the topic of consumerism in China.Chinese consumer persona.

5.“The Elaborate Man”


Definitions: It refers to the guys who are emitting a strong straight male hormone but at the same time who are very sensitive and affectionate. Managing a unique lifestyle never relaxes in the area of bodybuilding and they are insightful on what they are delving into. But on the outside, they are wearing the traditional look of the man.

6.“Cute Uncle”


Definitions: Similar to “The Elaborate Man”, it refers to men who are displaying their male hormone but deep down are the lovely and gentle 35-year-olds. This causes the appearance of a very cute contrast gap between their age and behaviors.

7.“Stylish Pleb”


Definition: Tagged as Stylish Plebs, this at least proves their concept of aesthetics. They have a clear mind on what is good-looking and what is not. Unlike the fashion guy’s outlandish taste, they aim to wear the ‘proper’ suit. You cannot spot shiny logos on those Stylish Plebs. They claim it to be ugly, not cozy to wear and it is not to be shown off to others.

8.“Plain Goddess”


Definition: Girls who are mindful of things to do, but cannot be bothered to carry them out. They wish on an exquisite and decent self on the inside but loathe to spend an hour a day completing their session of makeup. Basically, they conclude their makeup in ten minutes to the point that it feels simple, clean and natural. Always planning a lush meal back at home, cooking multiple dishes, but in the end? Turns out to be nothing more than a takeout. Always wanting to socialize, but do not bother to go out. Wanting to build firm abs, but is barely a sports lover. To the contrary of what they ‘want’, they actually conclude that to spend weekends in bed watching soap operas is always the better choice. They even post selfies on WeChat at times and they know that there is no shortage of suitors around but at the same time, there is no courtship accepted.

9. “Teen Auntie”


Definition: You can't blame the close-to-menopause aged aunts posting on “faceu” and acting cute in WeChat Moments, because? Well, this is what people do now and they do not want to appear ‘weird’ if they don’t. Although at the aunts’ age, they do not lag too far behind the young culture (as they see it). These deeds don't cost them. Aside from “faceu” as a typical example, chatting with cute cyber slang, going dancing in bars, listening to Live House are all among the items in their to-do list.

We are dealing with a more diversified and subdivided group of customers in China. Brand positioning to genders and ages do not suffice. To put more emphasis on upgraded consumerism in China and portraying a more specific customer image is the linchpin of successful marketing in China.


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