Creative Ways To Increase eCommerce Customer Engagement

TMO GroupJuly 15, 2020
Creative Ways To Increase eCommerce Customer Engagement

Ecommerce webmasters spend hundreds and thousands of dollars to boost their business and they hire experts to increase their customer engagement ratio. The ultimate purpose of building an eCommerce store is to increase sale and generate revenue. In this scenario importance of customer engagement is very high. Here we are going to share some most important tips which are helpful to increase customer engagement.

Utilize the Customer Service Tone

There's a concept I've named the Customer Service Tone that emphasizes on casual, personable copy on pages that only your customers will see. For example your checkout success page and your transactional emails.

These are easy opportunities to apply the customer service tone. Someone just spent money with you, so this page is for customers only – you might as well add some personality to it. All you need to ensure is that customers know what just happened or what will happen, after that, feel free to add a little humor with a casual writing style.

Here's a great, personable checkout page:

 Customer Service Tone

I get the information I need, but I also get a candid thanks from the founder. It may be automated, but it's nice to see a real "Thanks!" instead of the robotic YOUR ORDER #4328 IS COMPLETE

Engage customers on social media

Consumers are more likely to follow your company’s social media pages if you offer them something of value in return. Consider providing an incentive for liking your Facebook page or following your company on Twitter or Instagram. From there, make sure that you continue to offer valuable content beyond the initial offer. Your social media content doesn’t always have to be about driving sales. Potential customers are also more likely to want to associate with brands they perceive as good corporate citizens. If your company gives back to the community in some way, that’s great news to share on social media. It also makes for an excellent method for engaging customers.

Allow Customers to Chat with You

Sometimes engagement isn’t as much about entertaining a customer but helping them.

Your customers have small problems or questions. They might want an update on their order status or inquire about a product. Live chat is a channel that allows you to quickly solve those problems by engaging in a live conversation with your customers over your website.

And, it works. According to this research by eConsultancy, live chat enjoys the highest customer satisfaction rate (73%). Furthermore, in this case study with Servershop24, Google Analytics results comparing Web visitors that used the chat with Web Visitors that did not, it was found that those who did stayed on the website almost 3 times as longvisited twice as many pages, and were 25% more likely to return.

online chat

Show Your App-titude

Brands have adopted mobile apps to push special deals, coupons, and insider alerts to customers. Device targeting is an easy, and straightforward, way to promote downloads of the app itself. This goes hand-in-hand with in-app engagement, onsite traffic, and coupon redemption.

If you notice a customer opens your email on a particular mobile device type, change which app download option displays in the message. Even though more than 50% of mobile phone are iPhones, it’s still a poor experience for an Andriod user to be offered a link to iTunes when they need Google’s Play store.

And don't forget about users who’ve already downloaded an app: combine device type with the app type and send a friendly reminder about the benefits they receive when using the app, or use deep linking that drives them into the app environment.

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