Cloud eCommerce: A Better Solution for Your China eCommerce

TMO GroupNovember 1, 2016
Cloud eCommerce: A Better Solution for Your China eCommerce

The rise of ecommerce in China has already revolutionized business world, hence choosing a most suitable eCommerce platform became extremely vital.

The task for brands is: which type of eCommerce platform to choose. Many cannot decide whether they should pick SaaS model, or on-premise eCommerce, which means that you own the servers and have complete control. What if there is an eCommerce model that mixes up all the advantages of SaaS model and on-premise model, while reducing the gap between?

Enters cloud eCommerce solution. Also known as enterprise ready ‘Platform As A Service’ (PaaS) model, cloud eCommerce solution consists of both eCommerce deployment and server hosting. If you are not too familiar, here are the features cloud eComerce solution will shine:


Reason to choose Cloud eCommerce?

China cloud eCommerce solution tmo group

- Faster time to market

You’ll save a lot of time deploying your shop. With eCommerce built on cloud platform, you can launch your eCommerce and start generating revenue quickly.


- Spend money only on what matters

Comparing with on-premise eCommerce, cloud eCommerce is more affordable. Since your eCommerce is built on cloud, you can save various costs including include hardware maintenance, software upgrades, data storage, security, backups and more.

Besides, a lot of cloud eCommerce platforms will only charge you for the functions you want. No need to prepaid the whole package, you can spend your money more wisely—only on the features that worth spending money on.


- Regular and seamless upgrade

Cloud ecommerce platforms are continually enhancing their solutions, delivering new features and enhancements to improve your store’s user experiences. Therefore, you are ensured to adapt the latest, most advanced version.


- Assured Security

Security is of prime importance in terms of eCommerce business. Cloud eCommerce will break the stereotype as lack of data security: it will offer a higher level of data protection than regular SaaS model. Cloud eCommerce platforms will offer significant redundancy and backup capabilities that would be difficult to match internally. Scalability will also be improved and scaled back more readily in a cloud environment.


- Flexible and customizable

Flexibility and Customization is one of the biggest strength held by cloud eCommerce platforms. You will have greater flexibility in customizing the solution catering to your unique business needs. From storefront design to checkout process, the ability to customize will give your eCommerce the competitive edge, help your store stand out from the competition, and sell more.


Which cloud eCommerce platform to choose?

Adobe Commerce Enterprise Cloud Edition (formerly known as Magento Cloud) and Salesforce Commerce Cloud (formerly known as Demandware) are two of the most powerful, cloud-based eCommerce solution now. Both of them are well established, and have impressive usage numbers with world’s famous brands/companies.

Demandware Magento enterprise cloud edition TMO Group

Surely they are great eCommerce platforms worldwide, but are they the right choice for your China eCommerce business? Here are a few things you must know:

- Price

They both are very pricey. Adobe Commerce ECE (Enterprise Cloud Edition) has not revealed any pricing plan yet. Since Adobe Commerce  Enterprise Edition (Magento), which is self-hosted, starts at around $22,000-$32,000 a year, so the price of ECE, which it is fully hosted, must be even higher than that.

Demandware, on the other hand, will charge you based on “shared success” model. More exactly, Demandware has a subscription fee plus the company takes a percentage from your sales. They tied their performance (revenue) to your performance (gross merchant value), so the more you earned, the more you will pay.

For example: a Demandware customer that has annual sales between $20 million and $500 million (Demandware’s target client) can expect licensing fees starting from around $200,000 and in some cases closer to $700,000 a year and an additional $250,000 to $600,000 a year for other services.

Magento ECE Demandware TMO Group



Both Demandware and Adobe Commerce (Magento) ECE are supporting large global brands in multiple markets worldwide, but how good can they translate to China local markets?

The truth is: China market is unique, and you may need a lot of extra localization work for China eCommerce if you choose Demandware or Adobe Commerce (Magento) ECE. From local payment option to social platforms, from storefront design to logistics networks, China eCommerce system is different, so there is integration work still needs to be done before your ride.



Both Demandware and Adobe Commerce (Magento) ECE are great platforms, but make sure you consider these before you make the decision.

1) whether your budget is sufficient,

2) whether you will have enough time and manpower for China localization.


CBI – your China eCommerce solution

CBI (Commerce Bot Intelligence) is a cloud-based eCommerce service designed and optimized for China market. Your cross border business will be able to deliver new features and functionality to your Chinese customers - faster, more cost-effective, and with higher quality.

China localized eCommerce

Below are a few advantages CBI can bring to you:

  • Fully China localized strategy to meet the local needs
  • Mobile centric aaproach to bring convenience to local customers
  • Highly converted UI/UX design that will benefit your conversion
  • Cross device interaction to combine industry-leading technology with commerce innovation
  • Fully integration of WeChat function


Above all, we know China eCommerce well and therefore we provides you with a fully tested, maintained and operational eCommerce platform.

Visit our CBI Page for more details, and contact us to build our China eCommerce blueprint with TMO Group!

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