How to Choose an ERP System For Cross Border eCommerce Sellers

TMO GroupFebruary 10, 2015
How to Choose an ERP System For Cross Border eCommerce Sellers

Since the cross border eCommerce rapidly develops in recent two years, many sellers are blossoming. At the same time, the amount of orders is also increasing. It became harder and harder to handle such big data. As a result, many sellers were trying to find a professional ERP system which can help their eCommerce.

In short, enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a business management software—usually a suite of integrated applications—that a company can use to collect, store, manage and interpret data from many business activities. So this article will help with how to choose an appropriate ERP system that reach to all main macroscopic respects for cross border eCommerce sellers.

Scalability and maintenance

It is important to consider scalability and maintenance while choosing an ERP system. Some details to these two points are in the following ways:

1. Compatibility - Generally speaking, the ERP system should be compatible with most of main platforms such as eBay, Amazon, With and so on. Then we do not need to set up multiple order mana*ge systems for each platform.

2. Interaction - To interact with data, communicate is the prerequisite. So the ERP system should be not only able to get message from different account, but also send replies.

3. The third party logistics interface - The API should be opened for efficient interaction. For example acquire waybill numbers automatically or import/export the tracking code.

4. peripheral services - For example track the location of  the package.

Growth potential

In cross border eCommerce, an ERP system should be a candle that can light up your business. It should bring help and growth to our cross border eCommerce and it is also the part which is easy to be ignored.

Sometimes some sellers are focus on the operation and ignore how will it help us to grow up. A good system usually base on advanced and mature management thought. In that case we should learn its logic or thinking from the ERP system in order to improve our internal management.

Long term costs

Nearly everyone is talking about internet thinking, cross border eCommerce is no exception. But sometimes we forget that while choosing our ERP system. High price is ridiculous and we do not believe the cheaper one. As a result, we need to fix our mode of thinking.

To be honest, we should pay more attention on the strength of the development team rather than price. Maybe some ERP systems cost less to purchase, but the time cost is high. In conclusion, we should considerate it in the long run.

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