5 Important Factors for an eCommerce Website to Succeed

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As we all know, eCommerce has been becoming a booming industry all over the world. There are innumerable eCommerce sites that have come up selling various kinds of products. Nowadays, people can buy all kinds of things by sitting at the comforts of their own homes. The only thing that they need is a computer with Internet connection. Payments usually are made via net banking, debit cards or credit cards. Many eCommerce sites also offer facilities of ‘cash on delivery’ these days.

At the end of our discussion, we’ve come up with 5 most important factors which play a very important role behind the success of any eCommerce website. Read on to find out 5 important factors we discussed with detailed description for each factor.

1. Website Speed

Recent studies have shown that web users willingness to wait for a slow page load is shrinking exponentially. How much so? More that 50% of site visitors will not wait longer than one second. If your shopping cart is slow to load, say goodbye to the sale. Because your business success is critical, make certain the website design company you hire delivers to you a fast eCommerce website.

There are many factors that can affect the speed of your website. Google provides an excellent tool that will give them action items to improve your site’s speed. One other major factor is the server at which your site will be hosted on. Make sure your site is in a professional environment and not around other websites that attract malicious activity.

2. Strengthen your customer’s trust

Everything that enforces your shop’s authority and establishes trust among your customers should be accentuated and made easily available – from quality seals for certified dealers, to shipping terms and contact information. If your merchandising tool allows you to define things like “contacts” or “terms and conditions” as re-directs, this would greatly enhance your customers’ on-site experience as they can easily find those categories through your on-site-search.

3. Remarketing

Sending cart recovery email is a no-brainer (even without an email address), as is display retargeting. But as with email marketing, it’s important to adjust your campaigns for the holiday season (and not rely on “best practice” experience).

For email retargeting, you may want to be more aggressive with discount offers in your recovery attempts than you are the rest of the year. Rather than sending a series of 3 emails over a period of 7 days, you may experiment with 3 emails over 3 days. You may notice that more carts can be recovered within the first 48 hours of abandonment than the rest of the year, when carts are most often recovered within 1 hour (or you may observe the reverse).

With display retargeting, understand the importance of tagging holiday visitors and separating them from your general retargeting campaign. Set cookie windows to end when the holidays end, and don’t forget to add “burn pixels” that remove visitors from your campaigns once they convert (so many marketers neglect this step).

4. Instant Customer Support

It is obvious that customers might have queries or problems related to products, features or shipping. To handle such issues, you need to have good customer support team who knows how to tackle the real-time customer issues. And the service should be available on round-the-clock basis as customers can use the site at any time of the day.

5. Mobile Commerce

Online shopping trends are changing rapidly and you also need to adapt to the change to stay in competitive market. M-commerce or mobile commerce is the rapidly growing trend these days and people started buying products from the apps. Having a mobile app or mobile version of your eCommerce website is crucial as more and more people visit your website from their smartphones now. While developing the site, make sure that you develop a mobile version as well.

If you are taking care of above mentioned factors, your e-commerce website will definitely see positive ROI over time. It is important that the business is monitored, upgraded and you educate your customers with useful information on regular basis so that customers do not get bored and come back for something new every time they visit the site.

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