eCommerce Trends in 2015: What Else We Can Expect

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The sales season is coming for 2014, the business have to be eager for preparing. eCommerce had a big influence in 2014 such as opening the business opportunities, making the purchase conveniently, changing the way of consumers shopping…Every year, our life more or less usually filled some new things and changes. eCommerce market is more keen on these changes because all of them are related to the development of new technology, which will never stop and keep innovation. Do you still remember the hot market a year ago — website localization, customization, social media integration, responsive web design…..

Adapting to the change is not an easy task, but for those who have successful businesses must make persistent efforts to keep up with the latest trend. In 2015, is there any new things or technologies come true? What will surprise us? What will be the latest trend? Let see together about what else we can expect for eCommerce in 2015.

Mobile commerce

In the China, the majority of internet users access the web via their mobile phone. That’s why mobile commerce has a high potential in the region. The value of mobile commerce in China is expected to reach $4.9 billion by 2015. Mobile phone penetration reaches 112%, far more than the global average of 93%. The United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia have the highest mobile penetration in the world, with 225% and 197% respectively. In the Middle East, 35% of the population have a smartphone, although the smartphone penetration varies from country to country. In Saudi Arabia, 73% of the population have a smartphone, they are 74% in UAE. The growing penetration of mobile devices gives an ample opportunity for exploiting mobile eCommerce in China.


Social commerce

Have you ever asked yourself the question: who is your target customers? Where to find them? Today, the various of social networks provide a direct way for us to connect potential customers. In addition, you can also carry out different surveys to meet their needs better.

Social commerce is already an industry that generates billions of dollars. In 2013, it generated $5 billion in sales, and is estimated to generate $9 billion in 2014. By 2015, projections put the number around $15 billion. In fact, social commerce could reach five percent of total online spending by then. If businesses hope to capture some of this revenue, they’ll need to bring their sites in line with the top 25 players in the field. Something as simple as a Facebook like button only appears on 58 percent of all websites, but the button appears on 86 percent of eCommerce sites. Most websites lag behind eCommerce sites in all social metrics, especially social shopping tools.

Social Commerce Solutions

Large data analytics

Attracting customers attention is an important task for all businesses. The benefits are obvious. In 2014, we found a very useful tool — the large data analytics. But how it works and how it succeed? According to IDC forecast, to 2020, global data total will reach 35 trillion mb.

Large data analytics will bring a lot of benefits to users such as finding useful information, collecting the necessary data to help you achieving your own goal of eCommerce. Finally, the large data analytics will become the lifeline of the enterprise. It will help the enterprise to understand customers behavior and create their business model successfully.

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