eCommerce Sales Tips for the Year-end Holiday Season

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2015 is coming, let’s take stock of some useful eCommerce sales tips that we can use in the year-end holiday season.

1. Game promotion

Many eCommerce sites usually develop some online webpage games for customers. They try to involve consumers in their online promotion and let consumers remember some certain products. The form could be a lottery or winning a coupon.

2. Membership system

In business field, the membership system is everywhere, which utilize the our sense of belonging in society as human beings. It is an informal organization that based on some special rules and promise to bring more profit or discount to members. We need to prepare some essential information which can be bought from some investigation companies in order to set up a membership system.

3. Trial promotion

A small fraction of consumptions can be given as presents to consumers. The purpose is to let customers have experience on the products, then convert them to long term consumers. Sometimes people also like to share some good products in social media or send them to their friends!

4. Old for new service

Normally we think it is a waste of money to buy new electronics goods if old ones still work. As a result, the old for new service comes out. Customers can select or submit some basic information or description for their old device in a webpage. After that the device will offset a certain percentage of money which provided by the eCommerce owner to buy a new one.

5. Joint sales promotion

If someone buy a new computer, he or she probably buy a set of accessories such as a mouse or a keyboard. Actually, some computer provider don’t produce such accessories. So cooperation for sales could be a good solution. Both of their target are consumers. The type of cooperation could be cross industry or same industry.

6. Redeem points

In fast moving consumer goods field, this tactic is used frequently. If consumers multiple purchase one kind of products in a short time, they will get some preferential policies. Then the customer loyalty is developed.

7.  The price war

In order to sell more and under market pressure, there always be a price war among eCommerce big giants. For example in double 11 and double 12 this year, JingDong, Suning, Guomei, Tmall and many other eCommerce giants in China set up a price war in order to increase the market share. Even some of them be a loss leader, their purpose is to change customers shopping habits. After that the it will go back to the original price.

In conclusion, promotion is a double-edged sword. Once we don’t make good use of them, it would be counterproductive. Grasp the chance and direction, and we can get more with do less. TMO Group is an eCommerce web development company in China. We can help to build your own eCommerce project. More details please send us an email!

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