This is the archive of South East Asia. eCommerce sales estimates in 2023.

*Note: The January Report contains data from all six countries, with Shopee and Lazada reports split into two PDF files. The reports from February to December contain one country’s data for both Shopee and Lazada platforms and the report in a single PDF file.

Why South East Asia?

Countries of South East Asia are among fastest growing economies globally. One of the crucial drivers of this phenomenal growth is the development of eCommerce. The online sales in this part of the world is the highest growing in the world. Yet, experts view current development only as an “opening act” predicting the continuation of the trend for years to come.

South East Asia, and especially its online market is the place to be if you want to be a part of this meteoric rise.

Why Shopee?

In our new data pack series we look into main marketplaces that dominate the South East Asia online market. First one in the series is Shopee. Established in 2014, Shopee started from being an underdog, only to challenge market leader Lazada a few years laters. At the turn of the decade, Shopee finally snatched the title of the biggest marketplace in the region – and continues to wear this badge of honor to this day.

Why Lazada?

Lazada remains an indispensable player on the South East Asia eCommerce scene. Founded a decade ago, it has grown to be number one in only a few short years, passing the crown to Shopee only a few years ago. When it comes to online shopping, it is a household name across the whole region.

What is in these datapacks?

In these data packs, we provide our estimates of the Shopee and Lazada sales (separate files for each platform). Estimates are broken down by country (Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines), and by product categories.

We provide such numbers as total SKUs with sales, number of sales, revenue (both in local currency and in USD), and distribution of sales by the price range of items. Where relevant, we show internal categories of product groups.

We list the top 5 products (by revenue) in each category, their price, sales volume, name, and picture.

If you are interested in more detailed data for a particular segment; a research covering your brand and your competitors; additional data about prices, shops, and much more – feel free to contact TMO Group at We will be your guide in the world of South East Asia eCommerce, providing a full range of services – from research and strategic planning to design and deployment of your eCommerce solution.