To capitalize on China’s massive sales potential, brands need to develop a multi-channel eCommerce strategy. TMO Group can help with China marketplace store setup. On the Chinese eCommerce market, currently brands can use 3 types of channels to sell their products: a stand-alone brand eCommerce website, a China online marketplace store (such as Tmall, JD, Kaola and Xiaohongshu) or a WeChat store.

To determine which eCommerce channel to start with, we define 2 different eCommerce strategies that brands can take:

  1. Fast Growth Strategy (high costs, higher growth)
  2. Organic Growth Strategy (lower cost, slower growth)




Each channel has their own purpose and advantages. Chinese online marketplaces can be further divided into: store fronts on online malls, multi-brand, vertical specialty marketplaces, and flash sale websites.

We Currently Support China Marketplace Store Setup On: