Revealing the Strategy Behind Chinese App Xiaohongshu

Li-Anne Krol
The masses have the power, especially in China. However, the masses and quality content go hand in hand on the currently hot Chinese app Xiaohongshu (Red, literally Little Red Book). Only a few months ago, this social commerce unicorn raised… Read more

Welcome to The Age of Mobile Payment in China

TMO Group
China’s mobile payments industry has entered a new and exciting phase, by reaching approximately 16.3 trillion yuan ($2.5 trillion) in 2015. Convenience, speed of transaction and discounts are the main factors encouraging the use of mobile payments over traditional payment… Read more

More Than 300K Offline Retailers Have Launched WeChat Payment

TMO Group
It’s been almost two years since WeChat, China’s most popular social platform enables WeChat users to pay with WeChat payment in offline retailers. During a WeChat Payment partner conference recently, The number of offline retail stores integrated with WeChat Payment… Read more

Next Stop, Europe: Alipay to Expand to Europe This Summer

TMO Group
Chinese tourists to pay for things abroad will become much easier: starting this summer, Chinese consumers will be able to use Alipay in the U.K., Germany, France and Italy, as part of Alipay’s global expansion. More exactly, Alipay the phone… Read more

WeChat App Account: What is it, and How Good it Will Be

TMO Group
You might already know that WeChat is discovering a new feature on its public account: “App Account”. WeChat is ambitious that app account will replace a lot of phone apps someday, but what is it, anyway? Here are our bold… Read more

Latest on WeChat: ‘App Account’ in Progress

TMO Group
“2016 WeChat Open Class Pro Version” took place in Guangzhou on Jan.11th. Xiaolong Zhang, the Senior Executive Vice President and President of Weixin Group at Tencent made his first public speech to more than 25,000 audiences at present. Being one… Read more