Market Intelligence Executive/Researcher
Shanghai | Marketing | Full-time

Since 2019, TMO has helped brands go overseas to enter the e-commerce market in Europe, America and Southeast Asia, conducted market research on e-commerce in Southeast Asia, learned about the latest developments and trends in these international e-commerce markets, and provided strategies and guidance for Chinese brands to enter the market. It has been successfully released. A series of market guides covering countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, India and Italy in Europe, trusted and downloaded by many top brands.

Purpose of this position

Through access to data platforms, desktop research, interviews and other methods to deeply observe and investigate the trends and industry development of the e-commerce market, maintain and expand a series of cross-border localization guides for a long time, and a number of industry reports.

Your job responsibilities will include

1 Cross-border e-commerce guide

Since the e-commerce environment, laws and consumption habits of different countries are different, TMO has produced corresponding e-commerce market localization guides for different countries. It needs to be maintained and updated on a quarterly basis to control the market trend.

2 Industry White Papers

Assist in writing industry white papers and insight reports based on industry themes and trend

3. Data report

We will regularly publish monthly reports on Southeast Asia and health care products e-commerce market data, as well as data reports and case studies on the beauty industry during the 618 and Double 11 promotions. Get first-hand market data and gain insight into the latest market trends.

4. Other

  • Translation: Translate English articles into articles that conform to the reading context and expression habits of Chinese readers
  • Desk research: with e-commerce as the theme, assist in searching and writing relevant marketing materials, including but not limited to market reports, PPT and official website blogs. And based on the research results of e-commerce, we create a variety of topics around e-commerce topics every week to help write engaging professional content.
  • Assist with digital marketing activities: such as social media posting, online Q&A and external link building, etc.

Skill requirements

  • Major in marketing, advertising and other related majors, overseas students are preferred (the Shanghai household registration can be applied after the trial period).
  • Fluent spoken English and team communication skills.
  • Professional experience in writing papers or market reports.
  • Be good at obtaining information through search engines such as Google, and need to have strong data integration and analysis skills.
  • Strong business Chinese content writing skills.
  • Have experience in using and editing MacOS and Pages.
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