Magento Developer
Shanghai&Chengdu | Technical | Full-time

Job Description

  • Participate in the company's product demand analysis, system detailed design, programming, etc.;
  • Ability to develop and document in accordance with software development specifications;
  • Ability to develop e-commerce websites independently and efficiently.


  • Familiar with the open source e-commerce system magento2 is preferred (familiar with frameworks such as ZendFramework is preferred);
  • Familiar with the development process of B/S architecture software, more than one year of PHP, MySQL website programming experience;
  • Focus on user experience and requirements (UE), familiar with W3C standards, familiar with CSS+DIV;
  • Understand the linux operating system;
  • Love to study technology and be able to carry out certain demand analysis and document management work;
  • Have a good working attitude and team spirit, and be able to work under pressure;
  • Bachelor's degree or above (for those with particularly superior conditions, the academic qualification requirements can be relaxed);
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