5 Tips to Boost eCommerce Conversion During Holiday Season

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Holiday season is all around the year! This time of year is by far the most profitable for retail companies, and with a bit of work, you can make it the most profitable time for your business!

In order to make up for the shorter period (and in an effort to gain even an incremental advantage), companies are rolling out holiday promotions earlier than ever this year. With fierce competition and an already-noisy market, retailers must plan ahead to ensure a successful holiday shopping season.

Need some help to boost your online sales? Check out these tips below and apply them to your eCommerce website!

1. Create the Holiday Atmosphere

Are your websites ready for the holiday season? consider giving your pages a refreshing look by using a customized Christmas/New Year theme! Your customers will love it.

Create the Holiday Atmosphere

Creating the holiday atmosphere on your website, by using the traditional New Year colors and symbols, can immediately get your visitors interested. You can do this by changing your store’s design theme, website logo and by highlighting holiday offers on your homepage.

2. Set Up a Customer Support Plan

Customer service is an important factor in developing a wide and loyal customer base. A customer service plan deeply examines customers’ perceptions and expectations of a company, and guides the company through the process of bringing its customer service activities in line with customers’ needs

If you rely on a customer support team to service your customers, you need to start prepping them now as well. Customer support can make or break a business during the holidays. Your team needs to be properly trained and knowledgeable about the inventory you sell. Good customer service representatives are a valuable asset to have on your team.

3. Segment your customers

To increase conversions, you’ll need to make your end-of-year offers relevant. Segmentation is key in order to achieve this. Identify and understand your holiday shoppers by tapping into key data such as the product types and sizes that they purchased. Once you’ve gathered this data, you can use it to send targeted email marketing campaigns. For instance, if a shopper purchased a sweater, you might want to suggest a matching pair of pants or shoes.

4. Cross Selling Promotion

Cross selling is the action or practice of selling an additional product or service to an existing customer. Do you know that the CTR of cross-selling recommendations on a product page is 6.9%. More than 3 times than others! Adding cross and upselling recommendations within the same category on your product page will help the customer find what they are looking for more easily.


5. Streamline the Checkout Process

The key to achieving higher conversion rates is providing a simple, streamlined checkout process. Show the customer exactly what to do in easy, logical steps and offer support along the way.

And for goodness sake, don’t make people register for an account until after the checkout. Simplicity is the key here, so customers can get in and get out without wanting to bash your company later.

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