Compared Native App and Web App Development

TMO GroupMay 13, 2014
Compared Native App and Web App Development

As the mobile application growing fast in recent years, there are two forms of app development. One is web app development, another is native app development. As a mobile app developer, we should strive to enhance the customers experience to the optimum, or do more designs on the web application level? This has been a topic of concern to everyone. Now let's discuss about the difference and strength between them.

1. Web App

gmail web appThe definition of web app from wikipedia is that a web app is any application software that runs in a web browser or is created in a browser supported programming language (such as the combination of JavaScript HTML and CSS) and relies on a common web browser to render the application. Google Voice and Gmail  are worthy examples for web app development.

Let's see the advantage of web app:

  1. Low development costs
  2. Fit a variety of low cost mobile devices
  3. Across platforms and terminals
  4. Iterative updates easily
  5. No installation costs

It also has disadvantages such as:

  1. Can not go beyond the native application browsing experience in short-term
  2. Does not support offline mode (html5 will solve this problem)
  3. Push message is not timely
  4. The weakly ability to call the local file system

2. Native App

A native application (native app) is an application program that has been developed for use on a particular platform or device. Because of the app is located above the platform layer, the ability to access and downward compatibility would be better. We could support online or offline, push, or the transfer of local news resource access, camera dial function.

In addition, a native app is built for a particular device and its operating system, it has the ability to use device-specific hardware and software, meaning that native apps can take advantage of the latest technology available on mobile devices such as  GPS and camera.

Steve Jobs once talked about the future of web app, he said that is promising, although Native gives users a better experience. Now, if developers do not use Web technologies effectively, then he will behind the times. However, we'd better avoid all app developing over-reliance on Web.

So if we want to seize the future, we must continue to follow the pace of technology and provide better customer experience. The client is cumbersome and slow, it can not be like a traditional web page. It is necessary to make a complete proposal. So, there is such a Web App + Native App framework, under current conditions the best browsing experience to users and upgrades iteration.

When there is no difference between web app and native app, people are more willing to spend their time in the content, not software Interaction. Although the trend of web app is clearly, it still can not instead of some kinds of apps such as mobile games and tools.

Above all, Web app is just an idealized as a result of our designers and developers expect. Its low development cost, easy cross-platform and fast iterative update will make it become more popular. It probably has a long time transition phase. So for complex app development, Native app + Web App may be a better solution.

More details, please refer to: web app development



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