Using Videos to Improve performance of eCommerce

TMO GroupApril 22, 2013
Using Videos to Improve performance of eCommerce

Videos are a powerful tool for ecommerce to show products and many eCommerce businesses have already leveraged it on a greater scale. For example, conversion rates can improve with user-generated videos and product detail video can help in improving SEO rankings.

Almost every type of website you visit these days features video prominently, since website visitors and shoppers have a growing appetite for video.

It’s more engaging for website visitors, and tells a brand or product story in a more immersive way than text and images do.

For eCommerce businesses, video has provided a powerful new way to showcase products and online merchants are creating increasingly sophisticated videos to take advantage of viewer engagement.

Initially, videos were treated more like glorified photos, but today, they’re seen as valuable marketing tools for SEO and social media programs, as well as hugely beneficial for mobile commerce. Here’s how forward-thinking online retailers are using video to benefit their businesses right now.

Drive user-generated content

The popularity of websites such as youku or Pinterest, which allow users to gather images and videos based on their interests, is causing savvy ecommerce companies to consider how video can impact these communities.

For example of Pinterest, it opens up its functionality for video “pinning” – that is, allowing members to attach videos as well as images to their virtual “walls” – ecommerce businesses should be ready with creative videos that these users will eagerly share.

When it first debuted, Pinterest limited membership to individuals. However, in late 2012, the site opened up membership to businesses as well. This means now is the perfect time for online merchants to create Pinterest pinboards for their brands and businesses.

Boosts SEO

Adding product videos to websites can help boost search rankings. Google in particular favors video in its search results. Additionally, a rise in your rankings can also be expected.

Baidu and youku are continually changing their search algorithms for video in order to determine how to present results that their users find most relevant.

Social Media Marketing

When you’ve invested time and money to create eCommerce videos, you want to realize a proper return on that investment.

Smart marketers use videos beyond website product pages. For instance, they embed videos in email newsletters, post them onto social networks, and create channels on YouTube or Youku. All of this helps increase their visibility, and their impact on the bottom line.

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