Improve Your WeChat E-commerce in One Easy Step: Adobe Commerce (Magento 2)

TMO GroupDecember 23, 2015
Improve Your WeChat E-commerce in One Easy Step: Adobe Commerce (Magento 2)

Multi-channel e-commerce platform proves to be a better way to build up a WeChat e-commerce for start-ups. As we talked about earlier, despite its popularity, WeChat eCommerce Platform: The good, the Bad and the SolutionThere are several 3rd party eCommerce platforms one can use to build up its own WeChat eCommerce, both the pros and cons are very obvious.3rd party e-commerce platforms like Youzan and Youshop still have some major flaws. Fortunately, multi-channel e-commerce platform will solve those problems and enable you to start selling both online and offline with more efficiency. Great as they are, the real question is: among all the multi-channel e-commerce platforms, which one is the finest for Wechat e-commerce?

Meet Adobe Commerce (formerly known as Magento 2) – the new heights of digital commerce platform. Adobe Commerce is a content management system for e-commerce web sites. First released in 2008, Magento has been widely used in e-commerce world already: in May 2015, Adobe Commerce's (then Magento's) market share among the 30 most popular e-commerce platforms is about 29%. TMO Groups consider Adobe Commerce as your foundation for the upcoming success on Wechat e-commerce, because as we see it, Adobe Commerce is the best enterprise solution.



Adobe Commerce (Magento): THE Enterprise Solution


Adobe Commerce (Magento) would be your enterprise’s go-to solution for e-commerce, including Wechat e-commerce. For any corporation, to take full control to its own database is extremely crucial. But if you choose to use 3rd party e-commerce platforms like Youzan and Youshop, which is a “Software as a Service (SaaS)” platform, your database is build on those SaaS platforms. Then comes the question: is it secure to let the 3rd party protect my core data? Many are very skeptical about this.

Even your SaaS platform has a reliable way to back up data in case anything horrible happens, that would be still extra amount of time for you as an enterprise. Not to mention the damage it will occur if your SaaS vendor break down or go out of business one day.

With the help of Adobe Commerce (Magento), none of those would ever happen to you. Adobe Commerce will secure your enterprise with your own database, which you have full access to. Safety issue may haunt you while you were using SaaS, but with Adobe Commerce that page is finally over.

Adobe Commerce (Magento 2.0) dashboard customer database

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Other than data security, data sharing could be tough job for one business: using 3rd party for WeChat e-commerce means that you have an extra database of wechat e-commerce. Extra database means extra time spent on data sync, which often cause mistakes. Thanks to Adobe Commerce, for your multi-channel e-commerce, there is only one database, with every piece of information from your customers via phone, tablet and desktop. Moreover, Adobe Commerce came with its own CRM system, which enables you to analyze your business through different channels. The build-in system will be a big boost to your multi-channel e-commerce.

Adobe Commerce (Magento) dashboard CRM features

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Not only Adobe Commerce (Magento 2.0) will protect your business like you would, but also offer you more independence and flexibility.

Imagine how tough it is for those 3rd party platform users on wechat: so many great promotional campaign ideas came to mind but so few can actually be done because some functions are not supported by the platform yet. Adobe Commerce can be freely tailored to your business’s needs. The software offers endless customizations through numerous plug-ins and extensions available, meaning that you can add on functions whatever, whenever. This flexibility will provide more freedom and more creativity on your own marketing campaign and promotional activities.

Apart from more functions, flexibility is a basic need for a well-managed multi-channel e-commerce, strategy-wise. As is known to all, different channels are targeting different targets that have different shopping habits. For example, customer is more likely to complete impulse buying, while more logical via desktop, Adobe Commerce is able to set up different item listings and hold different promotional campaigns to meet the needs from various channels. Whether you need basic e-commerce features for your online store or advanced options to accommodate growth, you will always find a solution from Adobe Commerce.


WeChat e-commerce & Adobe Commerce (Magento 2) presented by TMO Group

How will TMO Group boost your wechat e-commerce with Adobe Commerce Magento 2?

First of all, customers will have a safe, interactive Wechat account. To be more specific, customers can freely log in/log out safely, i.e., to use their own phones to scan the QR code on desktop. Second, payment option can be totally decided by customers themselves: customers can make the purchase not only through Tenpay, but also other mainstream online payments. Last but not least, the new multi-channel e-commerce platform will play a more important role on marketing side. For example, one merchant can easily set up its own membership program on wechat store, to generate customer loyalty and create buzz on wechat.


Why Adobe Commerce (Magento 2)?


As a leading e-commerce solution provider, TMO Group is proud to be the first company to build up your WeChat e-commerce on Adobe Commerce in the industry. The reason we adapt Magento 2.0 for your business is that the newly release Magento 2.0 will boost your e-commerce a lot more. Released Nov.17th 2015, here are some highlights featuring Magento 2.0:

  • Performance enhancement. The upgrade from PHP 5.6 to PHP 7 will make Adobe Commerce work much, much faster. Adobe Commerce has a built-in Full Page Cache component, and native built-in support for Varnish caching. Faster page load times mean less load on a server, therefore you can handle more traffic and visitors without having to pay for more hosting infrastructure. Image below shows Adobe Commerce running on PHP 7 vs. Adobe Commerce running on PHP 5.6. Time to first byte is 3 times faster!


  • Whole new file system structure. The new Adobe Commerce (Magento 2) file system structure has been simplified. Everything is placed directly under the app structure, and every module has its own view directory in which you can access all template, layout, js, and css/less files of any specific module. This improvement is certainly a big help for module developers as they can have more opportunities for customization without changing core site functionality.

(Magento 1.9 and Magento 2.0)


  • Better user experiences for Adobe Commerce admin. New version is touch-friendly, which means that you can easily approach to your e-commerce site on mobile devices. Meanwhile, development process will become easier with less CSS preprocessor and modern HTML5 themes with Adobe Commerce.

The upcoming 2016 will be a big year for WeChat e-commerce: more consumers, more businesses, and more competition. With the help of next-level commerce platform like Adobe Commerce, TMO Group will upgrade your WeChat e-commerce business to better performance and better conversion.

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