How Does Mobile Internet Swallow The World?

TMO GroupJanuary 15, 2015
How Does Mobile Internet Swallow The World?

There is no deny that the whole world is changed by mobile internet. And now we are standing at a turning-point in history.

Internet user has been rising at a staggering pace

From 1995 to 2000, internet users increased from 50 million to 400 million, which amazed us. After that, it still didn't top. Now the number reaches 3 billion. It is expected that there will be 4 billion internet users in 2020 and more than a billion of then will surf the internet through their smartphones.

internet user

In 2020, the world population will reach 7.4 billion and nearly half of them have smartphones. By the way, PC users will be 1.7 billion and 4.5 billion of people will be able to read and write.

global population internet users

Smartphone seems to be a supercomputer in our pocket. And the CPU comes into 12-core era. At the same time, 3G and 4G become mainstream.

Internet landscape is changing

A research shows that the number of people who surf the internet by mobile (App+mobile browsers) has beyond desktop internet users since June in 2014.

time spend internet

Furthermore, IOS and Android dominate 90% of global mobile market share. Sometimes it depends on area for which one is used more often than the other.

mobile platform share

According to the statistics, Android phones are sold more than IOS. But in Los Angeles it is different. In addition, the income of Apple store is more than Google Play. In Chinese, more people are keen on Android than IOS.

In 2020, the quantity of smartphones will be 2-3 times more than PC. And multiply that time by convenience, it will be 10 times opportunity for mobile devices.

Mobile opportunity

Mobile will reset the technology industry

Normally, it is estimated that people buy a mobile device every two years. But for PC, they buy it every 5 years. In 1999, there were 80 billion photos taken by film. However, 800 billion photos were shared in social media last year.

mobile device PC purchase  frequency

We should notice that mobile has already led to the transfer of technology center. Now, Google, Apple and Microsoft are fighting. As well as China beat Finland in mobile manufacturer.

In conclusion, all these trends show that mobile and software are eating the whole word. Though it is hard to imagine what will it be after 10 years, we can make sure that mobile internet technology will change our lives.

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