How to Double Your eCommerce Website Revenue in Few Days

TMO GroupApril 23, 2015
How to Double Your eCommerce Website Revenue in Few Days

Thanks to the rapid development of the Internet, more and more offline retailers make an eCommerce strategy in order to get more revenue by developing their own eCommerce website. To be honest, a successful eCommerce website need not only need a well-designed and high performance website, but also need to balance marketing campaign based on consumers. The following tips should help you get more revenue from your online stores.

SEO Title Optimization

What it is: Title tags are used on search engine results pages to show previews for a given page.

If your customer is looking for a specific product via a search engine, the probability of your target customer clicking on your website can be higher if your page is included among the top rankings. If you want your target customers to easily identify your brand’s value proposition and discover what your products can offer to them differently, you need to optimize your SEO title. The most important thing to do to optimize your site’s title tag is to insert the keyword you want to position.

Also, if you want to stand out from your competition, include a value proposition such as “free shipping” in your title tag. Be careful of keyword stuffing, though. Make sure that your title’s readability is still observed.

seo title tags

Most customers would click on the first two results because they contain the phrase “free shipping”. On the other hand, the phrase “shipped free” is unusual so it may not get as much clicks as the first two.

Authentication Layers

Authentication Layers Require that customers go through several verification layers before they can recover their password. Layers including having to answer questions before the password information is sent to an email address. This will help to prevent private information from ending up in the hands of a third party. Lastly, limit the number of login attempts. Hackers try to gain access to systems by running software that generates thousands of password attempts. Try implementing a 15 minute break between numerous attempts or enforce a three attempt limit, where the customer has to call into your company for password assistance.

If users have to login to your website to complete a sale, force users to generate strong passwords. Good passwords should contain a mix of upper case, lower case, numbers, and possibly, other characters.

Authentication Layers

Avoid redirects when possible

Buyers will receive notifications when the SSL certificate expires, letting them know that proceeding with a purchase could put their information at risk. This is where you’ll lose many consumers. Another way to lose buyers is to submit them to redirects that trigger another warning from the SSL certificate authority.

What this means is that any time a buyer clicks a link to buy something and leaves your site to do so, a warning will pop-up to let them know they’re no longer dealing with your ecommerce website but someone else entirely. This could be due to third-party credit card processing sites or simple redirects to purchase from another vendor. Whatever the reason, buyers may become weary and choose not to continue with the sale.

One-Step Checkout

One-Step CheckoutSeems like a no brainer, but you need to include this. Sites like Shopify make this easy, but if you are using another platform, or even something custom, please make this update. Abandoned carts are a brand nightmare. Why? You know the customer likes your product because they added it to the checkout, but why didn’t they buy? Maybe it was price point or no shipping offer, but you don’t want it to be because it was too hard to pay.

Trends and innovations

Stay fresh and try to innovate! And with “innovate” doesn’t necessarily mean that you will have to apply this only to the product itself. Packaging, service delivery, distribution channels or digital support can also boost the brand behind your given product.

Innovation in your business means doing something new, different, smarter or better that will make a positive difference. All you need is – creativity! Find what your customers want, and make it better, take the old and make it new, stand out from the crowd.

If you want for your online store to improve the flow of traffic without acting as a temporary measure, sign up now. We have all the ways (and days) to develop efficient and elegant online stores.

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