Cross Platform Mobile Application Development

TMO GroupSeptember 4, 2014
Cross Platform Mobile Application Development

There is a huge demand for mobile application development these days. Many organizations are willing to develop an app that can run on all OS and in this regard many new mobile application development frameworks are emerging into the market. One such is the cross-platform mobile application development.


But before the introduction of cross-platform mobile development, the mobile apps were developed individually for each operating system. The app developed using Android platform did not suit the iPhone. Likewise, the app developed with the help of MAC OS did not suit the Android OS. This was an major issue to be looked for in the mobile app development industry.

If the business owner wish to develop a mobile application for his business, he had to consider developing the application in all the platforms. This proved to be very expensive and time consuming. To solve this issue, the cross-platform mobile development serves as a perfect solution. There are many platforms available for the developers to develop a cross-platform mobile app suitable for any business. Here is the few one:

PhoneGap Application Development

Using this innovative and amazing platform, the developers can develop application for iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Palm. The major languages used for the development of cross-platform mobile application is HTML and JavaScript.

Rho Mobile Development

This is a Ruby based framework and is quite helpful to develop a cross-platform mobile application. The application developed using this framework is compatible with other platforms as well. It is an open source framework which is named a Rhode and the developers need to write only the initial code. The framework then converts the code into a application code which is compatible with all the major platforms and OS.

Titanium Development

This framework helps the developers to develop an application for desktop, tablet and mobile. The languages used are HTML, JavaScript, PHP, Python etc.

Apart from these three, there are other mobile application development platforms available in the market for cross-platform mobile app development but these are the most preferred one’s for cross-platform app development.

Today, the demand for cross-platform mobile app development is on the rise and businesses are willing to develop an app that is compatible with all the major operating systems. However, if they develop an app they can enjoy great advantages in terms of money of time. Hence, it is advisable for business entrepreneurs to start using mobile app to increase their business revenues and overall profits.

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