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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the "positive list"?

The Positive List on Cross-Border E-Commerce of Imported Commodities at Retail (hereinafter referred to as the positive list) is first released on April 7, 2016 by eleven China government departments altogether, including 1142 commodity categories.

A supplementary Positive List was promulgated on April 15, 2016, adding 151 more commodity categories to the list.

Overall, the “Positive List” set out a total of 1,293 categories of products that one can import to China via cross border eCommerce.

What are the benefits if my product is on the Positive List?

- Your product will enjoy the referential tax rate as low as 11.9%;

- You can import listed products into China via either bonded zone model or direct shipping model without applying for import license and other import certificate.

When entering the bonded zone, the customs clearance form of online bonded commodities will be checked in accordance with traditional commodities, and it will be exempted when leaving the bonded zone.

When will the special registration with cosmetics and baby formulas come to effect?

“Positive List” required special registration, special licenses or filings under PRC law for first-time imported cosmetics, baby formula, medical equipment and special food products (including healthcare food products).

According to the latest policy, these special requests will be postponed until 12/31/2017. We will update as soon as there is a new policy regarding this.

What if my product is not on the Positive List?

Don’t worry, because your products can still be shipped directly from overseas to China via the postal and courier mode.

Keep in mind that by adapting postal and courier mode, you may expect higher tax rates and more time on customer clearance and other procedures.

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