We offer you an eCommerce solution following our customer centric approach. Aiming to drive paid and organic traffic, as well as increasing Customer Life-time Value by using our marketing services to create higher Return on Investment and valuable insights.

Drive – Managed Services


Content Marketing

Deliver content across WeChat and Weibo, building brand awareness and product knowledge.


Performance Marketing

Planning, buying and managing online media spend across WeChat, Baidu and marketplaces.

social media

Social Media Marketing

A range of services- from a product, digital strategy and KOL activation perspective.

campaign marketing

Campaign Management

Planning and managing campaigns that drive online activations, including sales incentives.

shop management

Shop Operation

Store management, product and content management and customer service.


Logistics Solution

Offer cross-border bonded warehouse, direct shipping, custom clearance, domestic warehouse and delivery integration.

eCommerce Insights & Metrics

Within our Managed Service scope we make use of multiple eCommerce metrics, providing real-time dashboards on Sales Order Value, Abandoned Shopping Carts and Conversion per acquisition channel. Our Data Science team analyze Customer Life-time Value and provide full insights into RFM, Customer Life-time Value and Churn rate.